Pond Wednesday: Shine

August 14, 2019 § Leave a comment


From my archives on Whidbey Island, WA…(click HERE to ‘listen’ to the American Goldfinch sing for you). Have a brilliant week! ~ xo Pierr


Freehand Friday: Test Drive

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Take your paints out for a drive. See what they can do. ~ xo Pierr

Freehand Friday: Outside & In

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Bike-pierrmorgan 2stripeMan-pierrmorgan 2toddler-pierrmorgan

Pond Wednesday: New Arrivals

May 29, 2019 § Leave a comment

I hadn’t made it to the pond proper yet. Fifty feet from a small bog this side of the pond, I spied a royal blue band edged with white in the shadowy bark close to the intersection. Cars zooming by both ways. Using the 10x zoom lens, I discovered a mama Mallard… BabyDucks1-pierrmorgan…and six ducklings! Four under wing and two in the water. With a Red-winged Blackbird standing sentry. BabyDucks2-pierrmorganBabyDucks3-pierrmorganBabyDucks4-pierrmorganBabyDucks5-pierrmorganBabyDucks6-pierrmorgan

Have an adventure this week! ~ xo Pierr


Freehand Friday: Outside!

May 24, 2019 § 2 Comments

It’s thrilling to sketch outside. Pack light to stand, sit, or walk. My nifty fanny pack holds everything I need. But I forgot about wind – bring a rubber band or clip to hold the pages down. Wear a hat, sunscreen, and jacket around your waist…I left mine in the car. Brr!Outside-pierrmorgan1There’s a Murphy’s Law about sketching people who are sitting still in places like airports, outdoor cafes: the moment you begin to draw them they get up and leave. So I figured the church across the river was a good subject to get warmed up with. I began with a “Finito!” waterproof fine-tip pen by Pentel. A friend swears by them. I’d never tried one. Wonderful flow to the ink and a generous width. Berol Prismacolor pencils made the color, and shading I used a 40% cool gray Berol Prismacolor Art Marker. Got this far and a group of market vendors put up a huge tent in the foreground, covering my view of the towers! Must be a Murphy’s Law for buildings, too.Outside-pierrmorgan2After the tent went up I moved where I had a nice view of the back of a flower vendor’s booth. He was moving, yes, but generally up and down in a very small space. Outside-pierrmorgan3

Wednesday I’m going back for more. Have a wonderful week outside!                             ~ xo Pierr

Pond Wednesday: Robin’s Favorite

May 1, 2019 § 4 Comments

March, April, May, Lisa’s old apple tree is the place to be.


Tend your favorite. Welcome, May! ~ xo Pierr

Pond Wednesday: Welcome!

April 9, 2019 § 4 Comments

My new neighbors are very friendly. They came right over the instant they saw me.PondWed1-CanadaGeese-pierrmorganPondWed3-CanadaGeese-pierrmorganPondWed4-CanadaGoose-pierrmorganA little disappointed maybe that I hadn’t brought any treats with me. Evidently this couple is used to human generosity found at the public park ponds. I wouldn’t presume to know their diet. I only wish I’d thought to tidy up the place before they arrived. PondWed5Fortunately he or she knew better than to nibble on that plastic bag clip. PondWed6-CanadaGoose-pierrmorganWhat a handsome couple. Together for life. I can’t wait to greet their family.PondWed-CanadaGeese-pierrmorganHave a wonderful week of welcome. ~ xo Pierr

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