Pond Wednesday: Acrobat

May 15, 2019 § Leave a comment


Here’s to a week of stretching and enhancing our talents. ~ xo Pierr



Pond Wednesday: Robin’s Favorite

May 1, 2019 § 4 Comments

March, April, May, Lisa’s old apple tree is the place to be.


Tend your favorite. Welcome, May! ~ xo Pierr

Pond Wednesday: Getting Ready

April 18, 2019 § Leave a comment

Came to the pond thinking I’d see the Canada geese again.Tree1 A flurry of activity on this overcast day. Red-winged Blackbirds everywhere calling and showing off their red and yellow wing bars. Prepping for the ladies yet to arrive?Blackbird2Near or far, in or out of focus, they’re easy to spot.Blackbird4Blackbird5Blackbird6Blackbird7Mallard1Mallard is ready. You ready?Mallard2All ready.Blackbird8Here’s to an exciting week of readiness. ~ xo Pierr

Pond Wednesday: Welcome!

April 9, 2019 § 4 Comments

My new neighbors are very friendly. They came right over the instant they saw me.PondWed1-CanadaGeese-pierrmorganPondWed3-CanadaGeese-pierrmorganPondWed4-CanadaGoose-pierrmorganA little disappointed maybe that I hadn’t brought any treats with me. Evidently this couple is used to human generosity found at the public park ponds. I wouldn’t presume to know their diet. I only wish I’d thought to tidy up the place before they arrived. PondWed5Fortunately he or she knew better than to nibble on that plastic bag clip. PondWed6-CanadaGoose-pierrmorganWhat a handsome couple. Together for life. I can’t wait to greet their family.PondWed-CanadaGeese-pierrmorganHave a wonderful week of welcome. ~ xo Pierr

Pond Wednesday: March 27

March 27, 2019 § 4 Comments


Here’s to a week full of SONG ! (click ‘song’) xo ~ Pierr

Pond Wednesday: March 20

March 20, 2019 § 12 Comments

Happy SPRING EQUINOX!! Look at that sky…PondWed-3-20-PierrMorganI really was expecting the pond to be teaming with water birds. But nope. Far from it. Obviously haven’t visited in a while. We had a record-breaking days-in-a-row of snowfall in February. So I guess the pond will need a few more warm ones like this to bring it out of the deep freeze. I’m not familiar with snowy winters, having grown up in Seattle where maybe once every seven years we’d get a few days with snow enough to build a snowman and an igloo before it melted. They sure got it this year! More records.

What I love about living inland is its four definite seasons. Today is the first day of Spring. I’ll watch the ice melt for now, knowing soon I’ll see ripple-makers all over this pond.babyMallard-PierrMorganHere’s to a week of sweet anticipation.  xo ~ Pierr

Freehand Friday: Year of the Pig

March 9, 2019 § 7 Comments

I finally snail-mailed my annual Lunar New Year card!PigCard1I sketch an idea on any old scrap paper then start refining it using pencil on tracing paper. When I have a drawing I like I ink over it using a narrow Micron pen. The reason I use tracing paper is you can see through it, and at some point I might want to change the composition by flipping the image… Easy as pie! Don’t even have to redraw it.PigCard2Here are the pens used for this project. Berol Prismacolor art markers have a wide chisel tip and a narrow tip in one marker. Great for quick strokes of color. The Pigma Graphic, by Sakura, is permanent ink, too. It comes in many different widths. I used it for the Squiggle girl’s hair and facial features.PigCard3If the final paper is too thick to see the drawing through it to trace via a light table, or up against a window, I use graphite paper instead to transfer the image. First the paper, then the graphite paper – graphite side down – then the drawing on top of that, and ‘trace’ over the lines with a hard sharp pencil (2 H or 4 H):PigCard6-pierrmorganNext I paint over the graphite lines in single brush strokes of gouache (goo-wash, an opaque watercolor), changing the color a bit every stroke or so for fun. My two favorite brands of gouache are Winsor & Newton (England) and Royal Talens (Holland). PigCard4-pierrmorganI have favorite brushes too. Of course the primo brush is Winsor & Newton “Series 7” sable. But they’re very expensive and gouache is particularly hard on fine haired brushes, wearing down their tips pretty quickly. Recently I discovered the “Umbria” series by Princeton Art & Brush Co, made especially for gouache, and gave it a whirl. It’s a new fav! PigCard5-pierrmorganFinally I add my signature “chop” – which says the sound of my first name in two ancient Chinese pictograms side by side – ‘P’ + ‘eer’, carved for me years ago by a Beijing artist, “A National Treasure,” visiting Seattle. PigCard7-pierrmorganMy Year of the Monkey post, 2016 – click HERE – gives a different step-by-step of the process. All my New Year cards feature this imaginative “Squiggle Girl,” from the picture book, The Squiggle, by Carole Lexa Schaefer and illustrated by moi – Pierr !PigCard1-pierrmorganPigCard8-pierrmorganHere’s to a creative year! ~ xo Pierr