Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

January 28, 2017 § 12 Comments


So where have all the pennies and 35 mm Fuji film canisters gone? baby1

Inside the wrist of itty bitty “HAND-Stands”…for baby rings and teething necklaces…babyteeth1

…and inside the trunk of a CACTUS-Stand to hold a watch, glasses, rings and earrings…


Rumor has it other sized containers intended for pharmaceuticals are disapPIERRing too…



In fact, every item in my Etsy Shop has an element of Repurpose.                                       Check them out! Use coupon code ” BEMINE ” at Checkout for 20% off till Feb 28.                xo -Pierr

Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

December 10, 2016 § 6 Comments


New Horizon.  Have a peaceful week. xo Pierr

Weekly Photo Challenge: It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

November 27, 2016 § 8 Comments

wpc-its-not-this-time-of-year-pierrmorgan…Twinkle Lights.

Bless us all This Time  xo Pierr

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

June 11, 2016 § 10 Comments


“Peace is the mental and physical frequency where you’ll find all your real power.”     – Martha Beck

Pure  – xo Pierr

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

May 28, 2016 § 10 Comments


Found a writing prompt in this pile of spare change: What was [your] life like in 1978? (oldest penny in the photo…dark one, lower right, green cloud over Lincoln’s brow)

Here’s to your memories. Bless them, every one.  xo -Pierr


Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

May 1, 2016 § 6 Comments


I was clueless what to post for this week’s challenge till I read Dorothy Chiotti‘s entry on her blog, Musings of a Horse Mom. Suddenly I was sobbing, “I want a trainer without ego…I want a Master…for ME!

Then just as quickly I remembered, I already have one. She’s still got ego that bucks and snorts unexpectedly, so her Master status hasn’t kicked in yet, but she’s seasoned enough now. Been with me sixty-four years tomorrow. She recognizes and honors the free spirit – admires it – would never try to train it out of me. And the really cool thing is the more I trust her guidance and carry out my innate gift, the happier I am and the more, I believe, others benefit too. Got yours?

TIP: Remember a time when you knew only to be yourself.

Admire Everyone’s entries HERE.


December 3, 2015 § 4 Comments


I’ve been making fabric jewelry displays – “HAND-Stands” – for fifteen years, selling them the last four on my Etsy site: pierrmorgan.etsy.com A customer recently requested wires in the fingers for more display possibilities. I’d tried wire a few years ago without much success and gave up the idea, securing the fingers with bamboo instead. But the timing was perfect for another go at the bendable option and I’m happy to report now – IT WORKS!!!

Imagine a world full of HAND-Stands signing LOVE – JOY – PEACE…                                                                                      xo – Pierr

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