Thank You!

February 14, 2019 § 2 Comments


For all your follows and all your likes – your Elevated Hearts – THANK YOU!! May you lavish your Self this special day…all year long! ~ xo Pierr


Pond Wednesday: 2019

January 2, 2019 § 8 Comments

CrystalBall-pierrmorgan (1)

New Year Visions ~ not as predictions exactly, more like post cards to myself ~ written notes, paintings, collages of where I wish to be as if I’m already there, who or what I’m with, and what I’m doing. The colors, scents, tastes, sounds, and tactility of the days and nights all through this new year…

Have a wonderful New Year week! ~ xo Pierr


Pond Wednesday – Nov 14

November 14, 2018 § 6 Comments


Early September in Manito Park – the missing shoe. Cinderella’s?PondWed-Nov14-2PondWed-Nov14-3PondWed-Nov14-4

Have a magical week! ~ xo Pierr

A Little Celebration

June 8, 2018 § 10 Comments


Tooting my horn here…rather, someone ELSE tooted my horn and made a YouTube video of my Etsy Shop fabric jewelry displays: HAND-Stands, CACTUS-Stands, TREE-Stands…

Whee!!! Watch the (7 minute) YouTube video: CLICK HERE

Many thanks to Tonya, of Houston, TX, who found me on Instagram and made the video. She has an Etsy shop, too, of vintage jewelry and other treasures: CoutureAdore

And super thanks to all of you readers who have clicked on links to my shop and website and passed them on to friends. I really appreciate it!

Woo-hoo! More cake and punch for everyone!! ~ xo Pierr

Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific

April 19, 2018 § 14 Comments

From the archives…all on Whidbey Island, WA – all of Nature’s bounty…


There is a stretch of beach along Admiralty Bay on Whidbey Island where odd shaped stones are found. But they’re not stones, really. More like baked clay from the cliffside. Actually they are called concretions – “a hard, compact mass of matter formed by the precipitation of mineral cement within the spaces between particles.” – Wikipedia. Beach walkers find them and display them on a driftwood log or a boulder – like this one. They are too miraculous to take from the site (though they are…and I have! created a little patio in front of an Adirondack chair in my backyard once…then returned them all to the beach several months later). This community collection grew over one summer. Many shaped like fried eggs! Click on ‘concretion’ in the tags below to see other photos of them on my site.   PROLIFIC



Weekly Photo Challenge: Out of This World

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

January 17, 2018 § 8 Comments

Dec 14 08-4

Archives: December 14, 2008 – Whidbey Island, WA – Ledgewood Beach


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