Pond Wednesday: March 20

March 20, 2019 § 4 Comments

Happy SPRING EQUINOX!! Look at that sky…PondWed-3-20-PierrMorganI really was expecting the pond to be teaming with water birds. But nope. Far from it. Obviously haven’t visited in a while. We had a record-breaking days-in-a-row of snowfall in February. So I guess the pond will need a few more warm ones like this to bring it out of the deep freeze. I’m not familiar with snowy winters, having grown up in Seattle where maybe once every seven years we’d get a few days with snow enough to build a snowman and an igloo before it melted. They sure got it this year! More records.

What I love about living inland is its four definite seasons. Today is the first day of Spring. I’ll watch the ice melt for now, knowing soon I’ll see ripple-makers all over this pond.babyMallard-PierrMorganHere’s to a week of sweet anticipation.  xo ~ Pierr


Freehand Friday: “The Chicken And The Egg”

March 1, 2019 § 14 Comments

Since the 1st century philosophers puzzling cause and effect have wondered – which came first, the chicken or the egg? Recently, in our 21st century, physicists have shown that in parallel universes of quantum physics, the chicken AND the egg can both come first.

The art I share today is my whimsical glimpse into one such universe and what could be going on there at this very moment.BAC-PierrMorgan3I used gouache (goo-wash) and ink in a resist technique. Thinking backwards, I paint pattern first to stain the paper…BAC-PierrMorgan…then general colors over the pattern, leaving the paper blank where I want a black line.BACbkground4The scene fills in this way with more details and general color over them. I tape the piece to the bottom of an enamelware pan (waterproof) with Artist Tape (blue painter’s tape works as well)…BAC-tape-pierrmorgan…then cover the foreground and borders with black waterproof ink (Higgins “Black Magic” is my fav).BAC-inked-pierrmorganThen I let water from the kitchen faucet run over it. Water beating on the piece dissolves the paint which pushes the ink off itself, leaving a stain of color – and ink – where the paper was blank or where gouache wasn’t painted thick enough to resist the ink. This allows for surprise and that ‘happy accident’ which I love. The painting is usually a potato chip after this step, so I blow dry it flat again, then remove the tape.BAC-rinsed-pierrmorganFinal touch-ups are easy because gouache is opaque and will cover excess ink, or colors I might decide I want to brighten or change.BACbabychick-pierrmorganFor that Medieval illuminated manuscript look, metallic watercolor from Daniel Smith Art Supply in Seattle works wonders.BAC-Feb13-1Tonight – March 1, 2019 – the group show, Chickens: Birds of a Feather, opens at TAP (The Art Project), a gallery on Bainbridge Island, WA. The show is up through March 31.PierrMorgan-ChickenAndEggThanks for attending my first “Freehand Friday.” My plan is to share something of my art process with you each week, to motivate me to keep on creating more and more new drawings and paintings. Ba-BOK! xo ~ Pierr

Pond Wednesday: The Edge

February 27, 2019 § 8 Comments


Walk the edge this week. To peace. To adventure. ~ xo Pierr

Pond Wednesday: FEB 6

February 6, 2019 § 9 Comments


“Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self.” ~ Queen Latifah

Pond Wednesday: JAN 23

January 23, 2019 § 8 Comments


Hmmm. Piano keys…sound score…equalizer…frozen hieroglyphics…

Have an imaginative week! ~ xo Pierr

Pond Wednesday: JAN 9

January 9, 2019 § 6 Comments

Things are pretty frozen over at the pond. No movement. No birdsong.


Seems all life has flown south. But wait…is that a gobble gobble I hear?


May you walk with friends this week, consider opportunities. ~ xo Pierr

Pond Wednesday: the Azure Gate

December 26, 2018 § 4 Comments


It’s snowing in my town right now, but sunshine and warmth prevail at The Azure Gate B&B in Tucson, AZ in my archives, taken in May and August of years past. For the Azure Gate website, click HERE

Wishing you a warm-all-over week wherever you are in the world ~ xo Pierr

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