Sitting Pretty

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Plein Air Post Cards

June 29, 2018 § 10 Comments

Revisiting the archives, charting Plein Air days, hoping to get outside again with my paints and document my new surroundings. My dear art friend Lynnette took this photo of me on Bainbridge Island, 2013…


Plein Air  – 4 x 6″ post cards – acrylics – 2013

A Little Celebration

June 8, 2018 § 10 Comments


Tooting my horn here…rather, someone ELSE tooted my horn and made a YouTube video of my Etsy Shop fabric jewelry displays: HAND-Stands, CACTUS-Stands, TREE-Stands…

Whee!!! Watch the (7 minute) YouTube video: CLICK HERE

Many thanks to Tonya, of Houston, TX, who found me on Instagram and made the video. She has an Etsy shop, too, of vintage jewelry and other treasures: CoutureAdore

And super thanks to all of you readers who have clicked on links to my shop and website and passed them on to friends. I really appreciate it!

Woo-hoo! More cake and punch for everyone!! ~ xo Pierr

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Place in the World

May 10, 2018 § 14 Comments

I grew up in Seattle in the trees…WPC-place-in-the-world2

…observing birds and critters, making meals for fairies with maple seeds and berries. If I could have finagled it, I would have lived inside a tree. Our family house was big, but the eight of us filled it to capacity. I spent most of my time in this gazebo on the hillside. Every place I’ve lived since has had a cozy bird’s nest feel. Even now in Spokane.Moon1WPC-place-in-the-world1

Here’s where I communicate.WPC-place-in-the-world7

Here’s where I make jewelry stands for my Etsy shop.WPC-place-in-the-world10

I’m also working on a huge painting commission that’s taking up my entire drawing table (and can’t be shared till it’s done), so I created an area where I paint in small sections, easier to manage…WPC-place-in-the-world11…with a view to what’s going on outside my PLACE IN THE WORLD.WPC-place-in-the-world9WPC-place-in-the-world8WPC-place-in-the-world4WPC-place-in-the-world6

Have a wonderful week in your place! xo ~ Pierr


Bowl and Pitcher

April 28, 2018 § 6 Comments

Riverside State Park – Bowl and Pitcher Area – a natural treasure minutes from downtown Spokane, WA. BowlPitcher1BowlPitcher2BowlPitcher3BowlPitcher4BowlPitcher5BowlPitcher6BowlPitcher7BowlPitcher9


Rare Bird Sighting!

April 22, 2018 § 4 Comments

Its call, unmistakeable. Its presence? Unbelievable. But here it is, wandering the grounds, headed toward the manager’s office thinkin’ maybe this looks like a nice place to live…



Actually, Wild Turkeys aren’t so rare in these parts. I’m new here in eastern Washington. Sometimes they come out of their wilderness (exactly where I don’t know yet) just checking things out. There’s a nice park a few blocks away. Maybe they live there. I hope to go on some day hikes soon and explore the wild places. Have a wild week!


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