Plein Air Post Cards

June 29, 2018 § 10 Comments

Revisiting the archives, charting Plein Air days, hoping to get outside again with my paints and document my new surroundings. My dear art friend Lynnette took this photo of me on Bainbridge Island, 2013…


Plein Air  – 4 x 6″ post cards – acrylics – 2013


With Sprinkles

June 22, 2018 § 5 Comments


Fun Art Collaboration

June 15, 2018 § 2 Comments

In a couple more months I’ll be sharing the results of work on the big painting commission I mention in the recent WordPress Photo Challenge:  PLACE IN THE WORLD

Last weekend I collaborated with my multi-talented friend, Annie –  WordPress blog:   CURIOUS MIND GARDEN

Annie recently took an online poetry class. The final project required collaboration with another artist. She wrote a poem from SUNDAY BRUNCH  – a gouache painting in my website Gallery – and I made the following painting from one of her new poems:  “Self Portrait as Plate Spinner”PlateSpinner2-pierrmorgan

It’s 8 x 10″, using gouache (“goowash”, an opaque watercolor) & Prismacolor pencils. I work things out in stages on tracing paper – first pencil, then committing to the lines by inking over them with a Micron pen – transferring images to the final paper using a light table, so I’m not having to sketch over and over and erase directly on the final paper.PlateSpinner4-pierrmorganPlateSpinner-final-pierrmorgan2


Have a great weekend and week ahead…involving a collaboration?!  ~ Pierr

A Little Celebration

June 8, 2018 § 10 Comments


Tooting my horn here…rather, someone ELSE tooted my horn and made a YouTube video of my Etsy Shop fabric jewelry displays: HAND-Stands, CACTUS-Stands, TREE-Stands…

Whee!!! Watch the (7 minute) YouTube video: CLICK HERE

Many thanks to Tonya, of Houston, TX, who found me on Instagram and made the video. She has an Etsy shop, too, of vintage jewelry and other treasures: CoutureAdore

And super thanks to all of you readers who have clicked on links to my shop and website and passed them on to friends. I really appreciate it!

Woo-hoo! More cake and punch for everyone!! ~ xo Pierr

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