Virtual WriteAway: MAR 4

March 3, 2017 § 11 Comments

Join me! virtually, 10:30 am – 4:30 pm Pacific Time, for a day of writing. Pretend we’re here in the little house I used to live in on Whidbey Island, Washington state, overlooking Admiralty Inlet and the Olympic Mountains. You can write inside (same furniture) or outside on the deck, or sit on the grass and dangle your legs off the cliff side.writeaway4-pierrmorganWe may have visitors…writeaway2I’m fleshing out the world of a children’s fantasy novel.writeaway5-pierrmorganI like to use timed prompts:writeawaytool-pierrmorganwriteawaytools-pierrmorgan-wordpressmonicawood-writingprompts

Hope to see you here!  xo Pierr (that rhymes)img_1610


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§ 11 Responses to Virtual WriteAway: MAR 4

  • I thought of you today, Pierr! This is the one date of your writeaways when I didn’t have to work, but alas other commitments got in the way. Hope you accomplished a lot… OR maybe you’re still at it. It’s almost 5:30pm here and extremely cold and windy!

    • pierrmorgan says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Marcia! It’s close to 4:30 here now. It was a good day of writing. I slowed down during the prompts this time, being more thoughtful with my words and the story. It was good to be with it. Hope you’ll get to join me one of these Saturdays. Stay warm!

  • I hope it went well! You set it up so beautifully. Love the racoons! (are they racoons?) (is that even how you spell racoons?).

    • pierrmorgan says:

      I had fun so I call that a success. I don’t know anyone who joined in virtually, but there are 15 “likes” here. I’m having another one this Saturday (Friday your time zone?), March 11. Creating the post for it. Yes, those critters are raccoons…2 ‘c’s’ 🙂 Thanks for the beauty cheer!

  • mexploring says:

    Oh, you have “A Right to Write” – how did you like it? I just did “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, and I loved it (though I still have a lot of homework not done there :)) And then I wanted to get “Right to Write” – but got too caught up by writing itself, oops 🙂

    • pierrmorgan says:

      I love it. I’ve had it for years. The binding is falling apart from all my random opening “to anywhere” to write from the exercise at the end of an essay. The page I open to is always exactly what I need to hear and to open my mind, recharging the writing. It’s one of those companions you could have on your shelf for the rest of your life. Timeless wisdom. “The Artist’s Way” is too…as are ALL her books on creativity since then. At the moment I’m reading (and doing the tasks & Morning Pages) for “The Prosperous Heart: Creating a Life of Enough.” (2011) Wonderful. Very simple. I think you’d like it…having just read your post on social media and what it does to us. 🙂 You’re a wonderful writer. Keep getting caught up by it.

      • mexploring says:

        It is a sign! To get this book. But then I have to divide my heart between blogging and doing the exercises (I am so not good at doing them all, hehe). And you come up with a new title that is even more wonderful! That sounds so close to my soul right now.
        Oh, I know this hack: when you open a book randomly – and it gives you answers. This is when it’s good to have a book in paper, not an ebook (I guess, I start missing the paper). I discovered newly that even random phrases that I see on the street, commercials, bags, T-shirts, are kinda communicating to me, often right for the moment.
        Thank you for the compliment! I am so new to writing in English, and I appreciate your support immensely!

  • joliesattic says:

    I’ve never done one, so exactly how does it work? Where do you live? I like the place you had in WA. Quaint.

  • pierrmorgan says:

    Hi Jolie – I live on Bainbridge Island, WA now. But the WriteAway is ‘virtual’ – so just pretend you’re on a retreat and get your pen or laptop and write whatever you want – for as short or long as you want. The time is listed to you’ll know when I’m committed to focus on my fantasy novel. It’s always more fun to know others are writing too. Keeps me in my chair.
    I use different things to prompt ideas – that’s what the ‘click HERE’ is. You joining me? Have fun!

  • Georgia G. Gail says:

    Pierr – thank you for thinking of me; I think of you too but in connection with art. I took your idea of writing 6-word-sentences. I loved it and it was relaxing! I will try to meet you virtually next Sat.

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