Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

September 3, 2015 § 6 Comments

Children In a Line - Shanghai, China - 1986

Took this photo through the bus window in Shanghai, China – 1986. The children inspired my large marker drawing on newsprint paper…then a children’s book 22 years after that…which now – almost 20 years after that – has a story behind its story that’s connected via a recent radio podcast interview:

Listen to this!


1996 - The Squiggle                                    Published by Crown Books: Random House – 1996

XO – Pierr


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§ 6 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

  • I’ve just listened to this fascinating interview. Interesting to discover how much story can sometimes lie behind a beautiful picture book. Thanks for sharing the link!

  • Christine Widman says:

    Pierr, I haven’t seen this photo. It is remarkable as an “image” for the word connected. The children all in a close-knit group and the 3 men each in their own”separate” pose. Really like this!!! Hugs, C

  • Great photo! My step mom is from Shanghai- I’ve never been, but really hope to one day! How did you like it?

    • pierrmorgan says:

      Thank you, Infinity! Shanghai was (it’s been nearly 30 years since my visit) an amazing experience. The sheer numbers of pedestrians…no room for even a bicycle…and colorful laundry hanging on long bamboo poles from every apartment balcony – second floor on up to the sky – on both sides of the street. I live my life completely spoiled by, and grateful for, the luxury of personal space.

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