Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up Close

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"Fork-tailed Bush Katydid" a long antennaed grasshopper that lives in woodsy North America - in my apartment!

“Fork-tailed Bush Katydid” a long antennaed grasshopper that lives in woodsy North America – in my apartment! Good thing I discovered it before things heated up. It moved out to the ravine.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Half & Half

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Two chairs, two voices, sharing half ‘n’ half of a whole conversation. Half grounded, half in the treetops.  Have a wonderful week.  xo – Pierr


Novel Update: Week 58 – Starting Over

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So, now what?

entire novel storyboarded

entire novel storyboarded

Finished storyboarding the novel and have physically taken away half of the Post-it notes pictured here, because they are repeat scenes, or dull (don’t move the story forward), or now irrelevant given the radical changes that need to happen which I realized from the recent workshop experience.

A few weeks ago I was rarin’ to get to this point – the chopping and cutting to type up and read what was left. But now that I’m here the thrill is gone. The point of the novel is gone.

For a couple days I was pretty bummed about this. I tried to get back into a new draft in spite of my lack-luster feelings. “Just slow down,” I told myself. “One sentence at a time, no leaps or bounds, keep the reader right next to you from the beginning.” But how should it begin now?

Don’t know. It’s a new story. One I haven’t had on my mind for the last five, six, seven years. And this brings me to the point of my old story. I wrote the novel I set out to write. I did it. It had all the elements I’d wanted and raised all the conflicts I hoped for and in the end, all the loose ends got tied up into a satisfying ending…for me…and a few reader friends. Now I know what it takes, what my own process is.

TIP: “What we intend has a very high probability of actually occurring.” – Martha Beck

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