What’s Next? – Week 40

February 27, 2015 § 4 Comments

I’ve gotten carried away by the days – and a cold – probably a letdown from not many hours in The Zone. I miss it. Which is good reason to be involved in another big project right away. I get that now. I did receive “not for me” words from Agent #2 (an all-time record of three days), and decided the manuscript is not really ready for an agent…well, and neither am I. There’s more I want to learn.


Year of the Goat – © Pierr Morgan 2015 – gouache & art marker painting in progress

I’ve signed up for a novel workshop through namelos.com  I’ve mentioned their site before. Just reading their bios gets me excited to go. Only complete Children’s and YA novels with a maximum of twelve writers in a four-day intensive, end of May.

In the process of wanting to understand the difference between ‘query’, ‘synopsis’ and ‘plot summary’ I came across a wonderful blog where you can ask a writing or publishing question in the comments and one of the five “PEG” (Precision Editing Group) editors will write a blog post answering it: Writing On The Wall

TIP: Watching an episode from Season 4 of West Wing (written by Aaron Sorkin) a couple characters were discussing hanging on to the past or letting go and one says, “…life is all about, ‘What’s next?’ It’s like those giant billboards – WATCH THIS SPACE.”

I love that!  – xo Pierr

Happy New Year! 2015 The Wood Goat - Wise, Gentle & Kind - © Pierr Morgan, gouache & art marker painting

Happy New Year! Feb 19, 2015: The Wood Goat – Wise, Gentle & Kind – © Pierr Morgan




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§ 4 Responses to What’s Next? – Week 40

  • Do you mean you stopped trying to get that novel published? Or are you going back to re-write now? I like the painting. It reminds me of a book I had when I was a kid a million years ago!!

    • pierrmorgan says:

      Hi Jason – not forever. I’ve stopped the agent-search for that novel till after the May workshop. I’m also not touching that novel till then. I know I’ll learn more about storytelling in a hands-on-my-OWN-full-novel experience. Meanwhile, I’m reading my 2009 rough draft of a Middle-grade fantasy novel, using office supplies to tag the cool parts. Happy the painting rocked you back to kiddom.

  • ybawany says:

    You’re a phenomenal painter; my 5-year old daughter would love to see your work. 🙂

    • pierrmorgan says:

      Thanks so much, Yousuf! You can go on my website to see the covers of all the books I’ve illustrated. Most of them are no longer available from their publisher, so you wouldn’t be able to order them through your local bookstore. Maybe the library…and then, yes, there’s always…you know who!

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