Novel – On the Road Again – Week 22

October 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

LightbyPierrMorgan      I have a plan! The light is bright enough to see the path at my feet but a bit too bright to see too far ahead, which is good. Ducks swim, writers write.

What I forget is how easily influenced I am by others’ advice, opinions and tastes. I did ask for it – I’m not complaining. Just saying I got stuck in that parking lot last week with my “what if” fears. I can’t be hacking and rearranging so EVERYone will read it and relate to it. That’s impossible. I have to write this novel the clearest way I know how to write it. In my own style. My #1 goal all along has been “to finish.” I’m the only one who can achieve this goal.

I took out one of the characters. She was hard to release. Took me a couple days. I’d take her out, then put her in. This was suggested by three different people way back in May but I couldn’t see it. I thought things would fall apart. Now I see how the few things she said and did can easily be transferred to a couple other characters and actually fill them out more, give them more presence and purpose. More spunk.

I’m combing 50-page sections now, one a week, which will take me to the end of November. Then I’ll put the manuscript in a drawer – no peek for a week – while I compose a brilliant cover letter and whatever necessary to send to an agent on my list. Then I’ll reread the novel, and finally, week 8, off it goes!

TIP: Emma Coats, Pixar storyboard artist on Twitter, has this advice: The 22 Rules of Storytelling, According to Pixar

xo Pierr

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