Novel Dream – Week 21

October 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

It’s broad daylight. I’m driving out of the parking lot behind another car that comes to the forked exit for a left or right turn. They stop. I’m thinking they’re not sure which way to go. I give them a little time and space. I’m mellow. A nice person. Not in a hurry. Then, since there’s plenty of room and I know where I want to go, I steer around the car to go right. Suddenly there’s a thud on my windshield. I’ve stopped, stone still in the parking lot somehow. Can’t see a thing. Like bricks on the windshield. For sure something Pauline’s wipers won’t clear. I panic, look out the back window.


That other car followed me, its occupants outside now standing behind my car. My driver door window – same thing – but the figure’s so huge I can only see its chest, either a black bear or a human wearing a black fleece jacket.

TIP: WAKE UP!!! Get the pen the keyboard whatever this second GO WRITE!!!!!!


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