Novel Math Problems – Week 18

September 30, 2014 § 2 Comments


Turns out I have no plot. I swear there’s one in here somewhere. Actually I have four but I’ve given them all equal weight in the first fifty pages so the reader doesn’t know where to focus. Like living in my character’s closet, stuff keeps getting thrown in, piling up on the reader till they’re massively confused…oxygen deprived. Easy: choose one plot, go with it, cut the rest.


But it’s not easy. I tried it last night and became overwhelmed with the weaving I’ve done. We’re not talking simple subtraction here. Writing a middle-grade (pre-teen, teen) or YA (young adult) novel is way more serious than basic math, even algebra…which I dropped out of in high school and, ironically, was allowed to make up for in college with writing and literature courses.


Time to face the light and learn calculus. Check these out: Sandra Chmara * namelos * Cheryl B. Klein

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Novel Home Stretch – Week 17

September 24, 2014 § Leave a comment


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Novel Patio – Week 16

September 17, 2014 § 2 Comments

walk-in at The Azure Gate B&B

a Walk-in at The Azure Gate B&B – Tucson, AZ

In the desert again. Hunkered down for the duration.

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Novel’s First 10K – Week 15

September 10, 2014 § 2 Comments

First 10,000 words of the novel - near 50 pages

First 10,000 words of the novel – near 50 pages

I’m addicted to noodling the beginning. I love it so much. I’ve read it zillions of times and each read through I’ll nip a noun, clip a conjunction and completely space on the fact that I’ve got 200 more pages that need my attention.

Yesterday I sent the first 10,000 words away for an evaluation from namelos.

The previous week’s Take-Out was extremely helpful in carving text away to include everything I wanted to be in the first 10k (around 50 pages). I read somewhere, probably online (from stats publishers are able to gather from e-book reading?), that when a reader abandons a book it’s within the first 50 pages. That’s very generous. I’m out by the end of page 1. 

I’ve clipped the rest of the novel into 50-page sections and am going through them one by one until this draft puppy is done!

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Novel Take-Out – Week 14

September 2, 2014 § 2 Comments

I like Romantic Comedy when it comes to film. When I hit on a favorite I’ll watch it a bazillion times. Been doing this for years and years. Only recently did I realize why exactly. I want to know how in the heck did they write such a good story?


My teen novel falls under humor, which is serious business. I can get carried away in the emotional aspect of a scene and pretty quickly void it of humor, or perform an “info-dump” where my quirky protagonist shovels tedious details at the reader (boring them), not funny at all, sounding suspiciously like the author.

This week I’ve been filling in the novel with scenes I think/thought necessary. Today I’m thinking no, the fill-ins are from the 2009 version.  This version – this draft, right now in September of 2014 – is a different book. Not so crowded. It’s possible I don’t need these scenes anymore.

DVD’s are great for watching while listening to the commentary. Here’s where the director, producer, writer, actors talk about what really went on behind the making of the film. I take notes:

Nancy Meyers comments on the writing of her 2003 romantic comedy, “Something’s Gotta Give” – “Sometimes you don’t know you over tell your story. You take things away and it’s still there . . . It’s a little scary taking scenes out because you worry it won’t make sense.”

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