Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

April 25, 2014 § Leave a comment


Taken from my yard on Whidbey Island a couple years ago when I lived at eye level to daily flight patterns of the Bald Eagle.

(click on each photo for larger view)


Cooper’s Hawk

April 9, 2014 § 4 Comments



Snapped this beauty from inside my apartment. Through the glass, 60 yards away or so. I can’t believe it’s in focus. (Love my Canon PowerShot SX120 IS!! – it’s got a focus feature where you press the shutter halfway and it freezes any movement.) I had no tripod, my hand was shaking, I had the 10x zoom at full extension, so the slightest jiggle kept taking my view all over the tree away from this perfectly camouflaged Cooper’s Hawk. I never would have noticed him if he hadn’t been busy preening.

My suet feeder works great, attracting birds all day long, so when they scatter suddenly I know something’s out there watching. Cooper’s Hawks are bullet speed flyers, even into the middle of tree foliage. They’re streamlined with an extra long tail, smartly striped. Downy breast feathers of taupe and white flecks. And those sharp amber eyes…one of my favorite feathered friends for sure. Click on either photo for a larger view.



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