3 Steps to Halloween & Thanksgiving

October 12, 2013 § 2 Comments

Step #1: Candy arrives in the grocery long before pumpkins. You know what I’m talking about – those mini bars inside plastic bags piled high at the front of the aisle so you can’t miss them. Since I never have Trick or Treaters, I indulge myself well before the event. But not on chocolates. My vice: CANDY CORN

WARNING: known to be addictive when mixed with Spanish peanuts

WARNING: proven to be highly addictive when mixed with Spanish peanuts

Step # 2: A couple weeks later – which is now – the pumpkins show up. You’re lucky if you can find one still sporting part of its stem.  I can understand how challenging it might be to pack a field-full of pumpkins for the masses into a truck bed, without whacking off the tangled curling vines and leaves. But I wish it didn’t have to be a reality for so many. Half the beauty of this squash is the viscerally tactile evidence of its lifelong connection to Mother Earth.


This year I bought a baby one for the dashboard of my car. It can handle overnight chill and I get to enjoy it every minute of my commute. Eventually – as is the fate of millions of pumpkins – it will shine through All Saints Day Eve with another, surprising, sometimes horrific, endlessly creative persona carved into its luminous orange skin.

Step # 3: Make sure you stock up on the candy corn. It comes into play again as we approach Thanksgiving – a holiday meal for which it seems mandatory to bake as many different pies for one night of feasting as there are people in attendance. Building up a tolerance for sugar levels expected of one to be consumed by the end of this meal, is the wisest course of action. Here’s my foolproof recipe:

one bite of PECAN PIE

one bite of PECAN PIE

You might as well start mixing and taste-testing these ingredients now. Thanksgiving is only 40 days away. I’ll check back in a couple weeks to see how you’re doing. Best of luck!  – Pierr


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