NaNoWriMo Here We GO!

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About 90 minutes to Midnight here in the Pacific Northwest and the start of National Novel Writing Month 2013. You doin’ it too? The more the merrier. In fact, at the present moment (10:31 pm), there are 210,452 participants worldwide. Isn’t that cool? Doesn’t that just thrill you? It gets me, that’s for sure. Which is one reason I’ve been cranking out 50,000 words every November since 2009.

I’ve now got over 800 pages filled with words that I didn’t know were in my brain before. Granted, I haven’t taken any of these “working drafts” to a polished state worthy of an editor or agent’s time, but I’m heading in that direction.

The Fantasy pictured above is in three parts right now. Tonight I’ll start the fourth part because I have to keep writing to find out what happens to these characters. I still don’t even have a title. I know – it’s crazy!

But it’s so much fun. Check it out – click the link above. You might be surprised at what ends up on your screen or notebook pages. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!! – Pierr

Writing instrument of choice: Precise V5 Rolling Ball black ...thanks, TAM!!

Writing instrument of choice: Precise V5 Rolling Ball black …thanks, TAM!!

(Excuse the blurry photo…my hands are shaking I’m so excited)  2 – B continued . . .


Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

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3 Steps to Halloween & Thanksgiving

October 12, 2013 § 2 Comments

Step #1: Candy arrives in the grocery long before pumpkins. You know what I’m talking about – those mini bars inside plastic bags piled high at the front of the aisle so you can’t miss them. Since I never have Trick or Treaters, I indulge myself well before the event. But not on chocolates. My vice: CANDY CORN

WARNING: known to be addictive when mixed with Spanish peanuts

WARNING: proven to be highly addictive when mixed with Spanish peanuts

Step # 2: A couple weeks later – which is now – the pumpkins show up. You’re lucky if you can find one still sporting part of its stem.  I can understand how challenging it might be to pack a field-full of pumpkins for the masses into a truck bed, without whacking off the tangled curling vines and leaves. But I wish it didn’t have to be a reality for so many. Half the beauty of this squash is the viscerally tactile evidence of its lifelong connection to Mother Earth.


This year I bought a baby one for the dashboard of my car. It can handle overnight chill and I get to enjoy it every minute of my commute. Eventually – as is the fate of millions of pumpkins – it will shine through All Saints Day Eve with another, surprising, sometimes horrific, endlessly creative persona carved into its luminous orange skin.

Step # 3: Make sure you stock up on the candy corn. It comes into play again as we approach Thanksgiving – a holiday meal for which it seems mandatory to bake as many different pies for one night of feasting as there are people in attendance. Building up a tolerance for sugar levels expected of one to be consumed by the end of this meal, is the wisest course of action. Here’s my foolproof recipe:

one bite of PECAN PIE

one bite of PECAN PIE

You might as well start mixing and taste-testing these ingredients now. Thanksgiving is only 40 days away. I’ll check back in a couple weeks to see how you’re doing. Best of luck!  – Pierr

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