Halls Hill Lookout: Plein Air Post Cards 10 & 11

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Plein Air IN

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Tuesday it was raining…but we painted with a studio window open, so I’m counting these post cards as Plein Air, okay? Started with my big red water bucket and paper towel palette as usual, with the creamy Mural acrylic paints from Icon Poly.


Here’s the view.


Working on a 4 x 6 inch post card vertically, I lay in the trees and the bay, dividing it up. The clouds were pretty much billowing and changing so I decided to put them in last. The nice thing about acrylics is they dry really fast so you can layer without muddying the work. I sit and look at the scene first, to decide what colors are going to be “under” the rest, then build up to the surface. I like to have a plan. Even if it’s vague. For example, there were lots of trees in the foreground of this scene but I pretended like they didn’t exist for the purpose of getting the values of the water down. Where trees met the shore, I saw a thin green line.


Then that darker green of reflected trees. As I stroked over the blue, the brush started to skip places as it ran out of paint giving the effect of ripples.


I was pleased with the top of the tree line – sometimes treetops can look too uniform for my taste – not real – but then I realized I was going to have to cover it up with the clouds, which I should have painted as “under.” Ah, well. . . so what if the icing was first?


Post card number two for the day (below) I went for the general cloud formation right away. I forget these are supposed to be “loose.” I mean, I could have called this one done right then. It’s got all the elements needed to read as a waterscape. But I noodled it to a finish as you’ll see at the bottom (#8) braving the rich foliage in the foreground, glad I kept still long enough.


Notice the red and purple card on the left. Out the south window of the studio sunlight playing in the forest inspired post card #9 – my third (a personal record) for the day.


All the strokes on this post card were made with the pictured “3/4 inch Round Wash” brush, SNAP! by Princeton. Very fun. Great brush to get loose with. Oo! then it was time to take the tape off.


"Post Cards On the Loose"  #7, 8, 9 - © Pierr Morgan 2013

“Post Cards On the Loose” #7, #8, #9 – © Pierr Morgan 2013

Ta-DA! Thanks for visiting. Wishing you a creative week.  – Pierr

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