Plein Air at Strawberry Plant Park

August 29, 2013 § 8 Comments

Tuesday we met at Strawberry Plant Park, looking to Eagle Harbor. I brought my acrylic Mural Paints again, my wet paper towel palette there in my lap…


…and a few post cards blue-taped to the foam board here. I’m going for the view to the harbor just over my toes, through the morning glory and dried grasses and Queen Anne’s lace. It’s okay that I can’t see much (or very well) – gives me permission to make it up.


Plein Air buddies Lynn and Lynnette were there again. We picked this spot under tall evergreens and a couple old apple trees for some shade. It was another glorious & unusually hot summer day. After a bit I couldn’t help myself and had to remove the tape from my water scene, eager to call it done.


Soon Marilyn arrived and began a pastel landscape. A small clump of apples – Granny Smiths? – just above her head convinced me to keep my seat long enough to capture them.


Then Robin joined us.


Another great time with Plein Air buddies yielding two more Post Cards for my project = 6 !



Plein Air Buddies

August 22, 2013 § 6 Comments

Wednesday I met at the Duck Pond at Battlepoint Park…


…for three hours of creative bliss with my Plein Air buddies.


Louisiana Bassett & Katrina survivor

Louisiana Basset Hound & brave Katrina survivor


Resident Mallard

Resident Mallard

Here’s my paint palette of  acrylics dobbed on a wet paper towel. Big red water bucket for vigorous brush-rinsing to get all the color out. Sounds a little like ducks flapping their wings but gets the job done. Also helps me stay loose, go quickly, not think so much. Under the palette are my Venetian Red gesso’d post cards blue-taped to a piece of foam board.


Truth be told, I only painted for one of the three hours. I’m a restless sort outdoors. Need to move. But I always come prepared to paint prolifically, ever hopeful. I made two more 4 x 6 inch post cards to add to my project, Post Cards On the Loose. That makes four! more than I would have made without my Plein Air Buddies. Thank you, Lynnette, PC & Lynn! See you next week.  – Pierr



Pottery Ta-Da!

August 18, 2013 § 6 Comments

Out of the kiln flew the bird and the butterflies today…


Im very pleased with the dinner plate. And yahoo for the black glaze on the pitcher! I’m happy I put on four coats. The pansies are a bit lost…I should have outlined the petals, leaves and butterfly wings with a thin black line, but I was banking on the contrast of the fired colors themselves to pop and dazzle. Ah well. Nice curly-q butterfly feelers, though, eh? Love that etching tool. I have a new appreciation for ANY kind of decorated earthenware.

Thanks for the fun, Bainbridge HeArt & Soul – and BIMA too, for the invitation to participate.     – Pierr

From Post Cards to Pottery

August 13, 2013 § 4 Comments

No, I didn’t disapPierr off the face of the blogging earth, just got sidetracked from my Post Card project. Was asked, along with several other artists, to paint some pottery for an auction to benefit BIMA (Bainbridge Island Museum of Art). Sounded way too fun to pass up… memories of decorating paper plates with a box of 64 Crayola crayons.

Bainbridge Heart & Soul : Art as Therapy Studio on Bainbridge Island provided everything, even tips for us newbie never-done-it-before artists. I found it extremely relaxing and fun to be there with others coming in and out and their great music playing. I found myself going to work on my pieces sometimes twice a day.

Having never done it before I made a couple color sketch plans with colored pencils and then used the color chart provided to make a key for myself to keep track of the glazes.

square dinner plate design sketch - berries and leaves in three corners

square dinner plate design sketch – berries and leaves in three corners

Here’s my sketch of the square dinner plate design (on gray paper). And below is my pansy pitcher design. At first I thought I’d do a pansy plate to match the pitcher but decided on the bird above with a white background instead. So the pitcher – hopefully – will have a very solid black background.

pansy pitcher design sketch

pansy pitcher design sketch – with glaze color key

The glaze colors look and feel completely different when dry – like pale sidewalk chalk. See the painted rim at the top? That will actually fire to look like “SC-85 ORKID” in the chart above.


glazes and palette

glazes and palette

I applied four coats of “Tuxedo Black” to the pansy pitcher. This took me some time. It is possible to paint the background first then apply colors over it, but I didn’t want to take my chances of the black showing through the lighter colors from my inexperience, so I painted around the pansies and five butterflies and the green vine around the handle…and those ORKID dots inside and outside the handle that I just couldn’t help myself from adding at the last minute.

Coming out of the kiln this Saturday I’m told. Can’t wait to see how they look! The auction – “Art of the Table” – takes place on Sunday, September 15. Call BIMA for more info: 206-842-4451.

pansy pitcher design - for the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art "Art of the Table" auction

pansy pitcher for Bainbridge Island Museum of Art “Art of the Table” auction, Sept 15

Post Cards On the Loose

August 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’m back at it with the paints! Started a mini project I call Post Cards On the Loose. “On the Loose” because I plan to paint outdoors, Plein Air, anywhere, and “Loose” – to remind me to relax, stay loose; big strokes, bold colors, slosh over nit-picking details of my inner critic. “Post Cards” – because they’re small and so much fun to send and surprise a friend.


The post cards are 4 x 6 inch heavy smooth card stock – 300 lb?? – a boxed set of 100 Penguin book covers (a gift…but you can google for a shop source) – which I gesso with the “World’s Best” Venetian Red gesso by Daniel Smith art supply store in Seattle. They also carry blank post cards with the stamp square etc on one side. Most any art supply store carry the blank post cards…by Strathmore, Grumbacher, Arches… I was able to tape down 6 cards at once (always prepared/hopeful for a burst of amazing prolificness), on a scrap piece of foam board, making it very lightweight and easy to tote around outside. (And look at the blue painter’s tape against that gesso – wow!)

I used acrylic Mural Paints from Icon Poly Studio in Nebraska. Actually used the same palette left over from the Frogs On The Rock project back in June with the young painters at KiDiMu. Didn’t have white with me, but that cotton candy pink mixed for the girls sure works great for clouds and tinting foliage in sunlight.

Port Orchard Bay, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Port Orchard Bay, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Homesteader Cabin, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Homesteader Cabin, Bainbridge Island, Washington

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