Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

July 27, 2013 § 4 Comments

Oct 7 07-6


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

July 21, 2013 § 2 Comments

House Wren

House Wren


Got Writing Buddy?

July 18, 2013 § 2 Comments

We’re halfway and some days through July’s Camp NaNoWriMo and at this point (and every point) along the way, it’s great to have a writing buddy. Often, that’s my desk. A child’s roll top I found some years ago at an antique shop in La Conner, Washington.


All the things on the desk top and in little shelves and nooks are like buddies too. Other times a place away from your living post can be like a buddy. Here’s one I like a lot:


Anchor Books & Coffee in Clinton, Washington – just up highway 525 from the Clinton ferry dock. Its expanse of used books keeps growing and its atmosphere always cozy and friendly.

...from where I sit...

…from where I sit…

But do you have a real live writing buddy? Someone who inspires you to keep going just by showing up? Someone who will give you ‘four words’ to weave into the next page of writing when you’re stuck? Someone you can give just a vague, general smidgeon of a character problem and vwoom! the two of you are riding a brainstorm of plot and scene never before imagined? I do.

from foreground to back: my novel in progress, remains of a cinnamon pull-apart and cinnamon orange tea, some coffee chai tea special concoction, and - my Writing Buddy

from foreground to back: my novel in progress, remains of a cinnamon pull-apart and cinnamon orange tea, some coffee chai tea special concoction and – my Whidbey Island Writing Buddy

We met online during the November 2010 NaNoWriMo event. Both living on Whidbey Island. There weren’t a lot of writers doing NaNo that were leaving messages, a small number in Oak Harbor, and my writing buddy in Clinton – but for me, living in the middle (Whidbey is 52 miles long), it was just as easy to go north as to go south for some “write-ins.”  We’ve been meeting ever since.

And now, living on Bainbridge Island, I have another actual Writing Buddy…

Here's my Bainbridge Island Writing Buddy. We usually meet once a week - at the crack of dawn - because she's on the move till dusk.

my Bainbridge Island Writing Buddy – always a challenge to catch her in focus

We usually meet once a week – at the crack of dawn – because she’s on the move till dusk. Got Writing Buddy? Hope so. Keep going! You’re doing great.  – Pierr

(Camp NaNo count as of July 31 – 3:45 pm = 42,505 words)

Gone to Camp NaNoWriMo

July 7, 2013 § 2 Comments

2013-Participant-Campfire-Circle-BadgeOnce again I’ve joined writer enthusiasts around the world in this month’s word hunt (no snipes here) called Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), the second this year. I’m in a virtual cabin with eight campers my age, each with his or her own genre interest and word count goal. That’s the big difference between Camp and the November event; Camp you get to design your madness. The November NaNoWriMo is 50K or bust, all fiction.

I’m not keen on sharing much about my project before it’s all baked, but I’ll tell you it’s the same novel I’ve been writing since 2007, a humorous YA, 14-year-old girl narrator. I’m into a third draft of revision and taking July’s Camp NaNo to write 50,000 words of vignettes–more scenes with the characters, especially the secondary and thirdiary ones, to get to know them better. August 1st, my plan is to read through the pile and select interesting usable scenes, weave those into the revision and see what it reads like then…& repeat. Because a NaNoWriMo is really about word count, getting it down, a wild romp through the mind, and half of it usually – for me, anyway – is for scissors.


Good luck fellow NaNoCampers!  – Pierr

(As of July 31 – 3:45 pm – my word count = 42,505)

Final Hours with 2 Frogs On the Rock

July 3, 2013 § 2 Comments

The house is empty now. I will miss their company. Here are my last hours with them:


Monday Modern Collision‘s body shop was busy clear coating more Frogs On the Rock. Beautiful job, glorious shine – and all dry and ready for pick-up in less than 24 hours.

This morning I delivered the KiDiMu-BIMA Frog to its permanent home, where it will live outdoors once she gets her name. There’s a contest! Maybe next week – keep checking to find out.

KiDiMuFrog-Susie BurdickKiDiMuFrog-Fan

And last but not least, the Grow Community Frog, officially named GROWmit, wanted to see the 4th of July Parade go by, so he’s sitting outside Lollipops in the Winslow Mall until July 6, where he will go live at the Grow Community office site.


Have a wonderful celebratory weekend!! – xo Pierr

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