May 9, 2013 § 6 Comments

On the Columbia - Hood River, Oregon - April 24

On the Columbia – Hood River, Oregon – April 24

We’ve been having some crazy warm weather here in the Northwest. Last month while traveling for the school visit in White Salmon, I stayed overnight at Hood River Inn. If you’ve got pets (which I don’t) this is a pretty nifty place to bring them on your trip. They get to bunk with you in your room just like kids. Dogs everywhere. Even on the water.

Sunday it hit 85 on Bainbridge Island. Deliriously balmy. Summer is here at last! Well…that’s what the weather viewer on my computer dashboard led me to believe, showing bright yellow sunballs every day this week with temps in the 70’s etc etc…but Monday morning woke gray and windy and cold as winter – until about 5pm, when the sun stepped out and braised the temp to its high. I always forget. Yes, it’s going to reach the predicted high, yes, there will be sunshine…along about sunset. I’m not complaining, just admitting that it only takes one blazin’ sun daze and I’m an addict.

Camp-NaNoWriMo-2013-Winner-Campfire-Circle-BadgeMost of April was very conducive to writing, however. And in case you were wondering – I did earn my Camp NaNoWriMo badge. 50,150 words. Wheee! May your days be sun daze from here on out. – Pierr


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§ 6 Responses to SunDaze

  • christiok says:

    Congrats on Camp, Pierr! I haven’t written 50K words in a month EVER. You are hot, girl. And I, too, am getting sun spoiled. Feels like pure love to us Northwesters. Hugs from Olalla.

    • pierrmorgan says:

      Hahaa! Thanks, FarmletGirl. Sun just burst through the fog over here – your Olalla sun hit the ground yet? Ohh, your nice green lawn, a beach towel, some of your delectable preserves spread over scones…Have a great one. Hugs from HotGirl.

  • Amy says:

    Hey, woohoo on those 50k words, plus 150! You go! Now for the fun of editing?

    • pierrmorgan says:

      Haha! You guessed it. Actually, been editing for years. This April gig was an attempt to come up with some fresh words to add to the mix, fill in some holes. We’ll see… Thanks for the woohoo!

      • Amy says:

        Fresh words, fresh editing, fresh results – yay you. It is a process, isn’t it? Hard work, but so satisfying 🙂

      • pierrmorgan says:

        I might be someone who appreciates a good story more than she has the gumption to write one. Considering going back on sugar to help me through the hard work. Tee-hee.

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