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Here we go! Off to CampNaNoWriMo One second after midnight – let the word count begin. I’m going for 50K again, this time with a revision of a quirky-ish novel I hope to have spruced up and ready to send out into the world mid-year. Too sad I won’t be lining up to buy anything at the canteen…This is DAY 90 SUGAR-FREE !! But the daily word count goal of near 1700 words will keep my mind off the chocolate high and buzzing in The Zone – which is the most wondrous place to be, if you ask me.  I’m bunking in a cyber cabin with four stellar writer campers ranging in age from  14 to 22 (to me, 60) from Canada to us NWesterners and one New Yorker…who’s already started. Wheee! Check it out. Give Camp in April a whirl. It’s the best way I know to get all those words that take up too much space in your brain down on the page in a quick 30 days.

Write ON!  – Pierr


APRIL 2 = 4500 words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

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Locks of Love – Peace on Earth

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locked on the Marion Street pedestrian overpass - Seattle - ferry terminal clock

lock on the Marion Street pedestrian overpass – Seattle ferry terminal clock in distance

My part time job in the city takes me along the Marion Street pedestrian overpass from the ferry terminal. Looking up one morning I spied this sturdy lone lock on a taught steel cable, presumably ready to hold things together should something snap. Seemed like a big job for one lock. That got me musing about the crowd of us trekking to work doing the various things we do to keep things running, making a living, creating comfort for ourselves and others, providing services and products that please and nourish body and soul. I don’t agree with the song that says one is a lonely number. One is a brave number. Makes a difference. That lock, hanging out there exposed to the elements, doing its job. Love is like that. A magnet. Lots of locks.


Hot Spots

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The show is up and looks richer for having mixed and matched 7 oil paintings with 5 VERY NEW gouache & ink resist paintings of 3 fish out of water, 1 latte flying with a gull and 1 donut – with sprinkles – on a beach. I’ll take you around the place so you can see.

This first shot is a wall behind the busy baristas. Heidi, owner of Blackbird Bakery, told me it’s best to start by hanging a favorite in a hot spot – that place where a customer can’t help but see your art. I hung “To Go” (red flying coffee mug with a bird design in latte foam) in such a spot. Things evolved from there, much quicker than usual, as I had two wonderful friends along to assist. Thank you Tam & Gunda – and Heidi, too!

"To Go", "Fruitcake", "With Sprinkles

“To Go” NEW ink resist  –  “Fruitcake” oil on canvas – “With Sprinkles” NEW ink resist

On the north wall above the coffee condiments,”Raspberry Beret” hangs in the hot spot.

"Raspberry Beret" - "Palouse" - "The One That Got Away II"

“Raspberry Beret” NEW – “Palouse” oil on canvas – “The One That Got Away II” NEW

Blackbird has warm wooden seating tucked against picture windows to the town at large and Winslow Way, the main street you walk to catch the ferry to Seattle. This very narrow buttery wall with colorful window trim and twinkle lit garland makes a nice spot.

"Cloud Nine" - oil on canvas

“Cloud Nine” – oil on canvas

"Mercury Free" gouache & ink resist painting

“Mercury Free” NEW gouache & ink resist painting

Tam found the perfect spot for “The Masking Tape”. Even the frame matches the high wooden booth back.

"The Masking Tape" oil on canvas

“The Masking Tape” oil on canvas

Love this pumpkin wall between the lime door trim. Might call it a ‘pop’ spot for how it pops those colors from the painting, which is pretty wild, as if I’d chosen a palette to match this exact spot some day.

"Rhodie II" oil on canvas

“Rhodie II” oil on canvas

Here’s a peek into a real bakery kitchen…now that’s a mixer!

"Piano Mums II" oil on canvas

“Piano Mums II” oil on canvas

and Me. Pleased to be here. Happy that you came.

And Me. Pleased to be here. Happy that you came.

Go to my website “NEWS” page to see details of all 12 paintings up close and personal. If you happen to be on Bainbridge, stop into Blackbird Bakery for a treat. The show is up till March 29. Have a wonderful month.  – Pierr

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