October 30, 2012 § 2 Comments

Got badge? Got halo? NaNoWriMo begins at o0:00:01 November 1. See you in the blocks!


Big City

October 19, 2012 § 4 Comments

Crossed the great water into the city today to play NaNa with Devin. Windy and gray we watched flocks of crows from the window, chewed on various teething tools, had some lunch, and enough laughs and hugs to fill a memory book. On the drive back through the city I followed a bright white light to the ferry where a wise sweet gull told me a story. The boat rocked me to snooze and I dreamt of big brown eyes, ten little toes, and a love that reaches round and round and round the world.


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October 8, 2012 § 4 Comments

Few things bring me more satisfaction than creating small cozy spaces to work in. I’ve posted photos about the move and downsize from my 980 sq. ft. home to a room in someone else’s, but I’ve only posted a window.

Here’s my oil painting station (created yesterday) and my writing station (where I sit right now), on the back side of the shelving. Great to see my paint brushes as I click away. My still life and landscape painting days I’d put in storage down the road till a friend nudged me into realizing how much I miss it.

The wonderful thing about these two stations is they only take up 28 square feet of this 220 square foot studio-bedroom. Reminds me of the houses my sister and I used to make from refrigerator boxes we’d haul home from the neighborhood appliance store. Though this setup is pretty swanky classy by comparison it’s exactly what I imagined when I cut windows, made shelving and sat inside that box with books and crayons – Morganizing to my heart’s content.

Severance, Words and Other Things

October 2, 2012 § 6 Comments

Nicole of Words and Other Things was inspired after reading Severance by Robert Olen Butler, to write the last thoughts of a severed head. Click on her site above for the source of the challenge. I know – not my usual post, but it was just what I needed in the moment. Here’s my head on its last roll around:


Tiny minute shouts eternity for what was never done was said sweet seconds now remain of banquet scraps and grateful though I am most wishful for another day to play in laughter chocolate babies cooing like the dove in love green hand upon that precious heart teams trumpets round the air my hair these eyes for stars to hear as if the first again to be a bud enraptured gold with you proximity was never sought the owl’s call a salve wise, too, our mission here this time in nighthawk wings be quick as snowflakes melt fierce fires fan the seas my view a visionary’s postage stamp the fool skips on like honey.

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