Ten Trillion Leaves

September 30, 2012 § 2 Comments

Plein Air. Definitely Fall. There’s a chill around the ankles.

Lynnette using acrylics – our fearless leader – Director of Education – bacart.org

Lynn – oil painting

Tannis with her oils – painting Lynn painting

My favorite pen – Pilot Rolling Ball V7 Fine point

Still counting . . .


Autumn Equinox

September 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

Yellow Woolly Bear Caterpillar – Spilosoma virginica (as adult: Virginia tiger moth)

Post Cards from the Green

September 14, 2012 § 4 Comments

Wednesdays a Plein Air group meets at different spots around Bainbridge Island. Open to anyone for $10 each meeting, noon to 4pm, through the Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Gallery. I joined them at Winslow on the Green – a lovely grassy area with gazebo and benches, shady trees and shops around one side. I brought a packet of Canson watercolor post cards and my gouache in this nifty Grumbacher travel palette.

From top left: Azure Blue; Winsor Green; Cadmium Yellow Light; Cad Red Light; Burnt Sienna; Yellow Ochre; Titanium White; Ultramarine Blue; Rose Tyrien; Alizarin Crimson; Naples Yellow; Carthamus Pink; Chinese Orange

I like to get rid of the white asap. Chinese Orange is a great middle value color for that – also bright! I admit – but I was curious to see what the tree and church building would look like against it. Actually helped me choose my colors – the lights and darks – since I’m usually too impatient to make a value sketch first in black and white. Outside painting, I’m a diver.

4 Plein Air painter pals at work – Winslow on the Green – Bainbridge Island, WA

working with Oils – note her value study sketch




September 9, 2012 § 6 Comments

Years ago in art school I had a color theory instructor who used to call, “Notes!” when he was ready to lecture. I’ve been taking an oil painting class on Thursdays from painter extraordinaire, Gretchen Hancock, through the Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Gallery. This last week Gretchen painted a demo outside, giving us marvelous pointers about painting landscapes as she applied paint to her 6 x 6 inch panel. The rest of us sat. I took notes.

When I was very young -and restless- my mother kept 3 x 5 index cards in her purse for me to draw on. She let me use her Lindy ballpoint pen, which was the bee’s knees of the ’50’s. Maybe that’s why I like to sketch so much with a pen.

Seabold Community Center © Pierr Morgan  – wooden pony pen, hand carved in Mexico


* Marc Dalessio – extraordinary Plein Air painter with a video on “sight-line painting”

* Limit your palette

* Outdoors: What’s interesting to you? What format will you use? (square, rectangle, etc) What’s going to be light? (I heard Gretchen say “white”, which is what I jotted down, but as a general rule in painting she told us to “remember all white is gray” until the very end when white is used for highlights.)  What’s going to be dark?

* The “E-Z-L” – easel umbrella for Plein Air painters

* Twisty Tie – sold at Ace Hardware (not its brand name, it’s a nifty bendable plastic cord about 18 inches long -comes in several colors- with a surprisingly strong hold, to keep a portable easel folded up…or a bazillion other uses in your life)

I’m a Lefty. Generally I begin to write in a column down the right side of the page so the palm of my hand won’t smudge the ink. In between notes I doodle or sketch on the left side at something that catches my eye. Thursday I brought my wooden pony pen with the rooster on its head. Pony’s been standing very straight in a basket on my drawing table now for two years. Thought it was time I let him stretch his legs a bit. WHoo-hoooo! Nice stride.

Something New

September 6, 2012 § 4 Comments

Signed the papers. Cleaned the fridge. Turned in the keys. As of 10:00 am this morning these photos chart my last crossing of Admiralty Inlet to my Whidbey Island home of eleven years. Beauty surrounds. You don’t have to look for it. As my mother, Ruthie Morgan, said, “It’s like being hugged by God.”

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