Skylight Rescue

August 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

I came into the kitchen from a long writing and snoozing session in the hammock (made it to 15,000 words today at Camp NaNo!), and heard this strange electrical type buzzing near the sink. Dishwasher on the blink? Up high, trying to get out through the skylight bubble, was a giant dragonfly. Can’t believe I didn’t think to take a photo of it right then. Wingspan was at least four inches, maybe five.

Beautiful armature. Blue and black checked tail and aqua eyes, striking yellow and green striped body sides, but I haven’t taken the time to identify it from photos on the Dragonfly Site. Maybe you can. Anyway, I grabbed the step ladder and a large plastic food tub and got the giant to step into the bowl of it, then carefully inched it down the wall till I could ease the lid in place. This took some time; it stood its ground against the plastic, not intimidated at all. Finally, by lightly touching the bowl to the tip of its tail, the dragonfly would hop a bit in a micro liftoff, allowing me to slide the bowl further down the wall without injuring its legs. Once outside and the lid removed takeoff was exactly like a helicopter – VWOOOSH – straight up and away.


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