Writing Buddies

July 15, 2012 § 6 Comments

Got one? I’ve got four!

“Mac 1”

“Lefty 2”

“Right 1”

Mac 1 started it all. She sent a shout out via NaNoWriMo 2011, for anyone in the area to meet and write our NaNo’s together. She and I reached our NaNo 50,000 word goal the same day at Anchor Books & Coffee.

I’m Lefty 1. Lefty 2 and I are both left-handed. We write long hand on real paper with fast pens. “Right 1” recently joined us and she’s right-handed so only this minute I gave her a nickname (we haven’t discussed one as a group). My fourth buddy writes on a Mac like Mac 1, so she’s “Mac 2.” Sadly for us – but joyfully for her! – she leaves next week for the edge of Europe on an incredible adventure of archaeology and grad school study learning the ropes of museum work.

We meet once a week or so at Anchor Books & Coffee for 2 hours of writing. Only 2 hours. No more no less. We don’t read to each other, we don’t critique, we just write. We only have one rule: We must interrupt – brainstorm for a title; a character name; a type of fantasy weapon; the believability of an action given a situation, etc. It is great fun. I come away feeling full and enough and grateful, loved…gifts that the act of writing never fail to give me.


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