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Do like the Sparrows – Be like the Bees


Sunday Paddle

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Prayers to the Victims in Aurora, CO and their Families


The Big Wheel Turns!

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“I’m ready to circle, Nana. C’mon – let’s go!”


Writing Buddies

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Got one? I’ve got four!

“Mac 1”

“Lefty 2”

“Right 1”

Mac 1 started it all. She sent a shout out via NaNoWriMo 2011, for anyone in the area to meet and write our NaNo’s together. She and I reached our NaNo 50,000 word goal the same day at Anchor Books & Coffee.

I’m Lefty 1. Lefty 2 and I are both left-handed. We write long hand on real paper with fast pens. “Right 1” recently joined us and she’s right-handed so only this minute I gave her a nickname (we haven’t discussed one as a group). My fourth buddy writes on a Mac like Mac 1, so she’s “Mac 2.” Sadly for us – but joyfully for her! – she leaves next week for the edge of Europe on an incredible adventure of archaeology and grad school study learning the ropes of museum work.

We meet once a week or so at Anchor Books & Coffee for 2 hours of writing. Only 2 hours. No more no less. We don’t read to each other, we don’t critique, we just write. We only have one rule: We must interrupt – brainstorm for a title; a character name; a type of fantasy weapon; the believability of an action given a situation, etc. It is great fun. I come away feeling full and enough and grateful, loved…gifts that the act of writing never fail to give me.

Book Signing

July 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

Always a treat to be treated like VIP. Queen Anne Books, an independent bookstore in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, did their promo up big. Still, on such a rare sunny day one never knows if anyone will show up. We were fortunate to have three children to read to…and to sell three books. That’s a huge success – in my book!

Tiegen – stellar bookseller and events planner at Queen Anne Books, Seattle

author, Carole Lexa Schaefer & illustrator, Yours Truly

ABCers is Here!

July 6, 2012 § 6 Comments

text © Carole Lexa Schaefer, illustrations © Pierr Morgan 2012
published by Viking Children’s Books

Ta-DA!! Available at your favorite bookstore or dot-com NOW . As the flap copy says:

What are ABCers? They’re Book readers, and Friend greeters. They’re Jump takers, and Noise makers. ABCers are just like YOU and just like ME. And the more they do, the more they learn their ABCs!

Here’s what Publishers Weekly says:

“Five children exit their brownstone buildings to explore the neighborhood in an uplifting alphabet book. From sidewalk to playground, the children take on different roles based upon the play activity of the moment: “P is for Piggyback riders. Q is for Question askers.” Muted colors, strong ink lines, and chalky backgrounds create a feeling of serenity and open space, despite the city environment, while the children’s expressive features and bright clothing highlight their creativity, movement, and joy. An ideal read for a sweet summer afternoon – directly followed by outdoor play. Ages 3-up.”

illustration © Pierr Morgan, 2012 – Prismacolor art markers & colored pencils

My personal favorite spread of the book is this cool MAP! You can follow the kids through the alphabet while reading the text or just hang out with the map and sing your ABCs for the whole world to hear.

“W is for Water splashers” – text © Carole Lexa Schaefer, illus © Pierr Morgan 2012

illustrations © Pierr Morgan 2012

Check out the NEWS section of my website for events coming up. Thanks for having a look and for spreading the word!!


July 4th

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