Sketchbooks – Permission

May 30, 2012 § 8 Comments

© Pierr Morgan 2000 – gouache & Pierre Noire Conte Crayon-HB, B, 3B – 5 x 8″ recycled

Been rifling through a huge box of sketchbooks looking for certain images that won’t leave my mind no matter how long it’s been. This is one of those.

I remember being on the Carey bus coming into New York City from Laguardia airport so excited to be visiting again. I had this sketchbook open on my lap and my Pilot “Precise V7” Rolling Ball pen ready to jot a thought or image. As a Lefty I write and sketch from the upper right corner of a page then down and across to the left in narrow columns so I won’t smudge, sure, and also to feel close to what I’m working on. Like being in my tree fort with a magnifying glass looking at the wings of a moth. Over and over in my life I have created small spaces to safely be in, to dream and design and create.

Sketchbooks are a perfect world in that way. Treasury of aliveness. So much energy on the page when you open one up or see one in the flesh through the glass of a museum display. The Soul leaps off the pages.

I saw a Picasso exhibit once at MOMA in LA. Tons of his sketchbooks. To me they made his paintings pale. One in particular – it was a very expensively large bound book with beautiful white paper (also looked expensive…at the time I believed it was more important to eat than purchase such a book for “just sketching”) – and on this one page of his sketchbook he had drawn – with a soft pencil – one vertical line. That’s all.

My attitude toward sketchbooks changed that minute and forever. I can still see his line. Reminds me to give myself permission – always – to draw any thing in any way that I please, in my sketchbooks. Got one?


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