The Big Wheel

May 25, 2012 § 4 Comments

Seattle Ferris Wheel construction – Pier 57

Hi – I’m here, been crossing the water into Seattle to visit my new grandson and have been privy to construction progress of the Ferris Wheel. It’s a full circle now, soon to be complete with “gondolas.” (Click on the orange link to read all about it in The Stranger Slog” – and click on my photo for the large version.) This shot was taken over a week ago. Looks like a really good ride, though at heart I’m a roller coaster gal. Ferris wheels are a little scary to me.

You’re often stopped swinging in that little bucket with only air around you, not even the sense of other people on the wheel except for those beside you. Gives you pause to think. To doubt. Coasters slam you back and take you charging ahead, around, even loop-de-loop whether you want to or not. I like that. No questions no time no doubt.

This wheel looks as if a quarter of the ride you’d actually be circling out over the water. There has been controversy over this new play thing bringing curves to Seattle’s skyline. Not living in one of those condos across the way and up the hill with the wheel in view 24/7 – the height of it in line with the top deck of a massive cruise ship – I can’t really say much. Still, I like the sight of it and will muster the courage to give it a whirl one day soon.

Pause now and then is a good thing.


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