December 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

Steel Ribbon

This is not kelp. Amazing, it looks exactly like it. About 3 inches wide and 15 feet if you could stretch it down the beach. A Life Loop made of steel. Maybe it once held pilings together on a dock or kept a bulkhead in line. Now it reminds me of the yellow ribbon loop to ‘Support Our Troops’ or the pink one to ‘Find a Cure for Breast Cancer,’ or other causes different organizations and advertisers print on a colored loop

I gave blood today. O-neg- universal donor – only 9% of the population though. I’m always getting calls to give a pint. A person can donate every 56 days. Your body makes new blood, so it’s not hazardous unless you don’t take care of yourself days before and after.

Check out a Red Cross blood donation spot near you – the ones at churches and community centers have amazing free homemade goodies to get your blood sugar up there afterwards, and bottled water and juices too. Takes all of a half hour out of your day (though I don’t blame you for opting out if you have an aversion to needles). If you live in the Puget Sound region, call and ask where the Blood Mobile is due next: 1-800 – 398 – 7888  Or go online at Puget Sound Blood Center.  Just think – 3 lives saved, by you alone…lying down!


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  • pegbur7 says:

    You are so right! That does look like one of those ribbons! I am currently anemic so I can’t help out with blood donations at the moment. I have actually been anemic for years…I try to eat right and I take vitamins with extra iron and it just doesn’t seem to do any good. 😦 The other day in the hospital my doctor said “Umm… I see from your blood work that you are anemic” Really, what’s new? That was exactly what I said to him!

    • pierrmorgan says:

      I used to have the anemic problem too, but turns out (from seeing a naturopath) my body doesn’t assimilate the B vitamins: So I give myself injections (thigh muscle) of a “cocktail” of B6-complex, B12 and folic acid – it’s like a miracle. No more anemia. No more weepy low, depressed, sluggishness – as long as I stay tuned in to how I feel and keep the B flowin’.

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