Na-No-A-New: The Day After

December 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

Glitter glory and yahoos!! for a job well done, by simply having started! And extra kudos I give myself for having reached the goal of 50,000 words in 30 days before midnight November 30th. This morning is a new month. The Day After the month of daily word count, keeping up with the pack of tens of thousands of writers, grade school and old school, all over the world, getting the words out and down on paper and screen.

Another brave NaNoer, Amy, at her Radical Amazement  blog, has a very inspirational entry about the event – and life. Read it. Guaranteed to get the wheels turning in an exciting new direction.

I make lists, but unless I’m cranking on a book illustration deadline, I rarely have such a focused goal laid out as when November and the National Novel Writing Month comes around. To be dedicated to something that I love – a project of my own (without the added pressure that mind monkeys jumping up and down waving huge signs that read “must sell”… “perfection”…”wasting precious time” pile on your shoulders?) – this is exhilarating.

Today is December 1. The day after NaNo. Day one of something new. Something crisp and delicious. Here’s to the sweet in labor of our loves.


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