NaNoWriMo Talisman

October 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

Dark and foreboding out today but I piled on the layers and walked out with determination  to find a talisman for my participation in NaNoWriMo – word count graph beginning a little more than 30 hours from now, West Coast time.

Writing Book III of a fantasy trilogy…which is really Part 3 of one book…which is still in very rough drafts from two previous NaNo’s. I like the main characters a lot and this mysterious bowl with magical powers that keeps getting passed around – and forgotten by Yours Truly – as I allow myself to be lured into writing more adventures which have little relevance to the story…which is…???

But this year I come to the NaNo table armed with a plot and – wait! There. In the granite bulkhead. A glimmer of sapphire!


And if I was skeptical at all, some sea glass to further pound into my brain the cosmic nature of this. Those few who’ve read some back pages know how amazing this is for me to have found, not only a bowl on the beach, but a blue one (who cares if it’s plastic). Both glass and bowl adorn my writing area waiting for that NaNo second of morning, 00:00:01 November 1st, to begin again.




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