Thorns and Horns

October 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was National Day on Writing. I didn’t know. I didn’t write. Or the day before. I was still thinking about what I might write to go with the nuclear sub I’d photographed. Nothing unusual about a sighting. I see them quite often heading out to sea, sometimes escorted by two or three small Navy boats, now and then a helicopter too. But I didn’t want to post a photo without some thought. A word or two. Sleek. That’s one. Ominous. Immoral…

Ballistic Missile Submarine heading to the Strait - Admiralty Inlet

Stealth is truly the word, a double meaning. I’ve been on the Hood Canal Bridge before, in my car waiting for the sub to pass, watching it approach then move through. It’s eerie – the only sound, an inverted wake of water folding under itself as the stern slices the surface. I’ve looked for more photographs to give a sense of its size. Here’s one in-port on the US Navy’s official website.

In my search for photos I came across a video: Footprints for Peace Presents Nuclear Connections.  Uranium and nuclear radiation – how energy is actually produced in a nuclear power plant….and the thorny deadly tonnage of waste we haven’t yet figured out how to contain.  A dilemma which – by way of whimsically wishful thinking – stands to reason that if minds can create something like that certainly those same minds can come up with a solution; the way scientists brought Apollo 13 home with Duct Tape. Doesn’t it? Couldn’t they? So far after sixty years – NOT.

But I walk. Go to for more. It’s never too late to start out. Here’s what I saw today.

Tansy Ragwort & Blackberries

If you happen to be a cow or a steer reading this, don’t say I didn’t warn you about the lovely yellow noxious weed. It’ll kill you. While the blackberries are thorny, they’re just plain good to eat. Especially in a pie. While a neighbor and I grazed on late sweets, this one – looking like a sub in fawny grasses – kept an eye on us.

Mule tailed buck


He’s safe in our neighborhood. No hunting allowed. But he ought to use caution crossing the highway. Better to cross at the signs. If he only knew what some folks up north are up to about them, if he could only read this:  OH DEER! a blog of “Funny Stories About Life With Deer” by a company that sells Bobbex Deer Repellent. But no worries! It’s all natural – nothing nuclear.


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