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This young one made it across the road without being flattened by a car but not out of sight from a predator. Life cut short, it will not experience shedding its skin come spring. I walked on down to the beach thinking about its raspberry guts and what it would be like to no longer have the power to change.

Garter snake

I’m in the middle of some shedding, some change. Often resisting it – even knowing it may only involve a short time of discomfort – I catch myself riding over the same old rutted road.

Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson, is a divination book of Native American wisdom which comes with a deck of beautifully illustrated animal cards by Angela C. Werneke. Reversed Snake (the challenge position of an upside down card) advises:

“Release the outer skin of your present identity. Move through the dreamlike illusion that has insisted on static continuity, and find a new rhythm as your body glides across the sands of consciousness, like a river winding its way toward the great waters of the sea. Immerse yourself in that water, and know that the single droplet which you represent is being accepted by the whole.

“Feel Snake’s rhythm and you will dance freely, incorporating those transmuting forces of the universe as part of your sensual dance of power.”


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