Treasure Box

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My sister Susan had never seen Coupeville, so I took her for a wander down Main Street to peek in the shops. At Jan McGregor Studios we discovered a little brocade box, handcrafted in Japan by a small family owned business. Evidently one bolt of brocade fabric yields only fifteen boxes.

This is no ordinary box. For as you lift the lid it begins to twist . . . and grow. . .

. . . until it has fully blossomed and the deep recesses of its interior exposed.

An amazing treasure of engineering genius. And Susan’s gift – to me!



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Today my friend Tam lugged her Sears Kenmore, threads, fabrics, bobbles & beads over to my house, and we sewed up pillow covers from dawn till supper for the couches in the lounge area at her daughter’s coming wedding.

I divided my house into stations. The writing room became our sewing station with duo machines. The kitchen = ironing station (for once my countertop was completely cleared of paper stuff!). Living room = cut-measure-and-design station.

Sunday we drove to Anacortes and found some beautiful fabrics at The Quilt Shop and some trim extras at a little thrift store another block north. Fabric Plus on the same side of the street is one of my favorites – bolts of fabric lining the walls from floor to ceiling! It was closed or we would have gone there too.

Here’s the pillow I made, the main fabric from a shawl I haven’t worn for years. Mostly I measured out and prepped backings. Tam made 6 pillows, her brain on fire with wonderful design ideas. We both use a cool quilting/cutting mat and rotary cutter by Olfa. What an awesome invention that is!

Each pillow cover got stuffed and displayed in a chair to see how they’re all going to look as a comfy group on the big day.

Mother of the Bride

FUN !! 

Can't wait to actually be lounging among all this delicious elegance. I'll share the photo!


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Barley over Ebey's Prairie - Whidbey Island, Washington

Breakfast on the Fly

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Common Crow - as Common Human...breakfast on the fly

Female Purple Finch

Brush Strokes

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August 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

Shipped 33 pieces of art for ABCers – Carole Lexa Schaefer‘s and my next picture book collaboration – off to Viking. YAhoo! Yippee! Pub date: June 2012 . . . when I’ll be celebrating again!

cover illustration © Pierr Morgan (photo: shows how I used tracing paper to kick her leg out for more movement) - Viking, June 2012

Good Rain

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Admiralty Inlet

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