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Mourning Doves

One of the fledgling Barn Swallows has died. Don’t know the cause. But at least it made it back to the nest where at night it is surrounded by the warmth of its parents and sibs. It has been two days gone.

Curious about the lifespan of these fliers, I found a site that has answered almost every question I’ve ever had about them. Ask The Exterminator – by Rick Steinau. Click on the “Like” button on any page you visit so he can continue to offer the information for free (requires a Facebook account). He has a long list of birds and critters with lifetime facts. The Swallow’s average lifespan is four years.

a fledgling Barn Swallow has died

And life goes on busy on the wings of strong hearts no matter the size.

female Rufous Hummingbird - heart rate, 50-180 beats per minute - at times to 1,260 !


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