More Feathers

July 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

…and fuzzy focus as my close encounters took me by surprise. First a California Quail keeping watch from a gutter. He saw me and sounded the horn “Err!” one toot. Then it didn’t matter how carefully I moved to prepare my camera for the zoom, he was off and away. Usually the males are not this high off the ground when on sentry duty. Good viewpoint. I’ve been up on my roof. You can see for miles.

California Quail Sentry

My next encounter was a baby American Goldfinch sitting in the grass at my weeding job. At first I thought it was a baby chick, its feathers fluffed and pale yellow all over except the sharp black and white features on the face. It sat so still it looked paralyzed, stunned by a cat maybe and left there injured. I got my camera and came back all within a minute and since it hadn’t moved I became bold and walked right up to it for a greedy photo shoot. Blip! Silly human. I was sorry I’d disturbed its peace.

But meanwhile, back at the Chirp and Feed, the Barn Swallow babies grow stronger.

5 Barn Swallows

See the 5th one there on the left in the back now?

on their mark, the forward lean position...

Fwoosh! Flash of flight and voices loud – We’ll take everything on the menu and hurry!

11 days old


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§ 2 Responses to More Feathers

  • Lisa says:

    The swallow photos are fantastic…a great diary of their
    growing and getting fed…some are kinda greedy eh?
    How long until they fly away?

    • pierrmorgan says:

      Not sure exactly. The short answer is when they get all their feathers. They’re now two weeks old (July 15). When they start flapping their wings in the nest they’re getting ready. Maybe another week?

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