How to Turn OW into WOW

June 14, 2011 § 3 Comments

Some days the inner critic gets the upper hand. Today I battled. I did walk and see some lovely red poppies but I want to write about this – this WOW: having gotten a “PERFECT” comment (all caps, mind you) from my editor and art director on a rough spread sketch for this next picture book I’m working on. That is WOW, right?

But then after a while (since I’ve been making adjustments to sketches on other spreads over the last few weeks) I begin to wonder, PERFECT? Really? Do they not see all the things wrong with this sketch that I see? Or do they see something I don’t see? And if so, what DO they see? So I spend hours and hours wrestling with the sketch, redrawing, reconfiguring, remaking puzzle pieces with my tracing paper to rearrange a leg, a hand, the tilt of a head, an expression…the list goes on and on. Pure torture. Pierrtorture: Definitely OW!

Then what is so interesting to me is how after hours of gritting the teeth, I can walk away from it, even for a few minutes (of deep breathing into a paper bag – just kidding), and return to see the PERFECT that they saw in the first place. The feeling. The heart. My heart. And that is WOW.

sketch © Pierr Morgan 2011



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