June 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

Any day now this beauty of a Foxglove is going to bloom. For several years they’ve been spreading between two ornamental pine trees (where no one walks) and this season looks like I’m to have some tall ones!

You might want to read the article, “Foxgloves – Beautiful, but Deadly!” on Whats Cooking, and read about the Foxglove’s poisonous aspects…like every part of the plant! I always wear long sleeves and gloves when I weed and dig in the dirt so I haven’t experienced anything like the stories you’ll read. But it’s good to know about them, especially if you’re sensitive to such things or if your pets and children are.

What a great looking plant though, isn’t it? Can’t wait for the blossoms. Here’s another site with a wonderful botanical drawing of the plant and lots of information –

Not a bad sky either, eh? (I did not color enhance it, I swear.)

Digitalis purpurea - Poisonous


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