More Chip n Dale

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Chip? You there? Where are you?

Wheee! Chase me!


Clipping Along

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About the only thing moving out there on this hazy gray day is the Victoria Clipper.

front row seats for wild views between Seattle and Canada

To Market

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Dragon Fruit - Hanalei, Kauai - 2010

Bird of Paradise - Hanalei, Kauai - 2010

Pomegranate - Hanalei, Kauai - 2010

Bright Eyed

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All over the place lately. Moving in quick short spurts like Dale here.

Okay. I'm ready. Where's Chip?



Greener Pastures

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Up for auction! On Daily

© Pierr Morgan - "Greener Pastures" - Gouache & Ink in a resist technique

Domino Nights

June 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

We play every second and fourth Friday of the month. 7 – 10 pm. This is not a typical mood. I don’t know what they were talking about, but usually we’re laughing and joking carrying on like a bunch of grade schoolers.

from top left clockwise: Jerry, Carol, Bruce, Jan, Helen, and Lisa

Our clubhouse – a converted firehouse from the 50’s where he have potlucks and meetings for the neighborhood Association and the Water Board – houses chairs and tables and games and a book exchange. There are three sets of dominos, double 15’s. Since I moved here 10 years ago we’ve probably lost half our players to the other side, so it’s rare to have three tables of 8 going at once. Tonight we were one table of 7.

Face down - everyone draws 11 tiles

arranging the dominoes for easy play and strategy...I rarely strategize...some folks keep track in their heads which dominos have been played.

We play with double 15’s.

I sat in a lucky spot - went out four times.

No money involved except pennies to indicate a train which others can play on. We play for snacks. Bruce brought some dark lemonade. “Arnold Palmer,” I think it was called. I liked the plastic cup and forgot all about documenting the rest of the snacks: cheese and crackers, Reeses peanut butter cups, Lisa’s second batch of cookies from a cookbook of desserts you make with a cake mix base, and the lemonade, of course.

Arnold Palmer Lemonade in the cool plastic cup

We start with the double 15 as the center tile in the roundhouse and play a variant of Mexican Train. Once someone plays all their tiles we start another game with the double 14 and so on, on down to the double blank tile or until we’re all yawning from no nap and too much sugar.

Game 2 with the double 14 - tonight we quit a bit after 10pm, after playing the double 6.

Of course after each round it’s customary to get up and stretch the legs…and check out the snacks.

Time for a refill.

Then play another round.

Round Nine - the double 7

Have a little more lemonade.

sunset before you know it

to coddle

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1. treat in an indulgent or overprotective way: I was coddled and cosseted.

2. cook (an egg) in water below the boiling point.

ORIGIN late 16th cent. (in the sense [boil (fruit) gently] ): origin uncertain; sense 1 is probably dialect variant of obsolete caudle [administer invalids’ gruel,] …

No walk today. I sat in a chair for 2 hours and experienced a root canal.

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