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Young Madrone

To be six years old is a pretty great thing. Especially for a Madrone tree that grew from a seed brought into my yard by the wind or a bird. When I first discovered it I thought about transplanting it to the front yard for better placement but then remembered I don’t have much luck transplanting things, and it seemed to be doing fine where it was. So I left it alone.

Now the Madrone is about 7 feet tall with bright new green leaf shoots and that smooth rich red bark. But something’s making it sick. Its lower leaves are spotted and drying out and falling off.

Here is an article by WSU master gardener, Jim Cooper, about Madrone tree disease posted in the San Juan Islander in 2005 – the year my Madrone sprouted. After reading it I marvel at the tree’s determination to survive in spite of the odds.

Still, I may remove it and give it new life in the hands of Port Townsend’s master woodturner, Helga Winter, who makes beautiful bowls. Read her blog about working with green wood.

Maybe this young green Madrone’s fate is to live as a work of art.


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