March 12, 2011 § 4 Comments

Rains return at a forty-five degree angle now and then gusting sideways. Here’s that window shot I wanted to get.

Reminds me of a poem I wrote years ago titled “June.” I hope posting this in March doesn’t give the weather gods any ideas but I don’t think they’d mind my staying indoors to watch their handiwork.

© Pierr Morgan - poetry collection: "Now I Am Ten" 1961-1964

JUNE     1962

June is such a lovely month

Except for when it rains,

If I could have such sunny days

I’d throw away the trains.

If you are wonder’n about me

I live out in the country,

And all the rain falls down.

Oh I wish oh I wish, I lived in a town.



§ 4 Responses to Slant

  • susan owen says:

    Wonderful that you’ve kept so many personal creations from your childhood. I can’t quite read the faint print of your young poem, but I’m guessing it must include a lament about the wet weather.

    • susan owen says:

      Love the photo through the rain-splattered glass!

    • pierrmorgan says:

      Thanks, Susan! I’ve now written the poem out under the photo so you can read it better. Funny but I remember writing this one, searching for a word to rhyme with ‘down’ and ‘town’ was perfect though I wasn’t quite sure why. It would be raining in town too, but maybe there are more things to do, places to go, people to play with in town. Ironic since now I really do live in the country and sometimes when it rains here like this I think it would be more fun if I lived in a town.

  • Lisa says:

    It is wonderful that you not only kept this poem but
    were able to lay your hands on the original. How
    organized can a person be…to go back 40 years for
    a poem? Very touching.

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