Last Day Flyers Convention

January 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Usually the last day of a three day convention folks are tired so it’s hard to keep them around into the late afternoon. Sometimes awards or door prizes are given out to keep interest up. I was curious so I stayed to see what it was all about. The Chair called the meeting to order.

But no one seemed too interested in what the Chair had to say in fact, some got up and left as soon as they had settled. A few complaints were made about the seating arrangements, some suggestions given of where they could have held the convention this year, and invitations from the Chair to be on the planning committee next year . . .

. . . but no one volunteered and then the sun went down and everyone flew off including the Chair.

Then they came back. I asked a seasoned Flyer attendee why. At the time I thought she said ‘the view.’

But today (January 12) my neighbor, Linda Matz, told me, “I think the Conventioneers will return to the same place year after year because the food at Gerhard’s Diner is so delicious and so close!”



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