Peaks Peek

January 6, 2011 § 3 Comments

I used to have a paper place mat from a diner in Port Townsend with the entire Olympic range silk screened across the top in a forest green band.  The name of each peak was printed below.  I have searched high and low thus keeping me indoors today a little bit longer than anticipated.  Okay I stalled on purpose.  It’s 47 degrees out there but it feels much colder.  That dark damp hovering.  Seeps into the bones in a flash chill.  I think whoever invented watercolors must have lived in the northwest.  Maybe near the water.  I got this shot from my deck zooming to the 8th power.  Looks cold up there too on this old gray day.  Snowing a beard.



§ 3 Responses to Peaks Peek

  • Lisa says:

    Your photo shows the cold day. Remember we don’t
    walk unless its at least 47 degrees so you just barely
    made it for getting out to enjoy the chill. That
    snowcapped peak on the right is the reason for the chill. Brrr. Need purple ear muffs for walking!!

  • Pierrless, I was going to step back a bit on commenting re: your incredible photo’s, but this one is just too good!!

    As you know, anything having to do with weather, clouds, mountains, etc, always get to me!! Keep up the GREAT WORK, and have a nice weekend.

    Best, Rash

    • pierrmorgan says:

      Thank you Rashness. I do know now about your weather-cloud-mountain fetish and I sure appreciate the kudos. It’s raining sideways right now so it’s hard to imagine that I’d ever go out there to walk today but knowing I’ve got folks curious to see what I see is the perfect motivation. And it’s always a surprise for me too. I get a walk in and discover something wild.

      You have a good weekend too! PierrPont

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