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More Salt

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Point Partridge, Fort Ebey State Park, Whidbey Island - © Pierr Morgan

No surfers, Lisa. Not even Scoters. But plenty of surf, lots of salt, and a very short walk helped along by gale force wings – uh, winds. Had to hold tight to my little camera and my hair!


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Ledgewood Beach, Whidbey Island - (c) Pierr Morgan

Terraces. Moving. Not of rice, but salt silt sand, and not in Asia though the robin’s egg blue surf brings the tropics to mind. When I squint my eyes this lone scraggly fir is easily a young palm tree. The sun is even out. A near complete illusion . . . if it weren’t for my purple earmuffs.

Simple Gifts

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Something Bright NOW

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It has taken most of the day to get me out of the house on my walk. Nothing but gray gray gray and varying tones of gray with patterings of translucent liquid gray falling on everything. Something bright! If only there were something bright out there. I couldn’t imagine seeing anything bright – even in the vicinity of being close to seeing something that I might define as bright – out there today but I pulled on the rain gear and dragged myself outside anyway.

Not one minute from my door and voila! The first of Hokusai’s little-known and never-before-published print series of wood blocks: “Bumbershoot.”

Blue Dawn

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Dougie Fir

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