Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

January 14, 2017 § 5 Comments


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Join Me: Write Away!

January 12, 2017 § 12 Comments


For years I’ve wanted to have a writing group but I’m such an introvert when it comes to gatherings (like wanting to be home after about 15 minutes) I never thought outside the box. Till November when I took a novel writing class at Hugo House  and enjoyed all 14 of my fellow novelists (plus our stellar instructor, Waverly Fitzgerald) so much, that I wanted to keep meeting. My novel was fleshing out from it. I felt like a gradeschooler hollering on the playground, “Helloooo, I’m free if anybody needs one more for Red Rover or Kickball!” I’d ferry over any time to meet at the library or a coffee shop – just email me! I was totally obsessed about it, with a giddy kind of energy, starting to plan how this might happen. Waverly suggested I pick a day and time weekly or monthly for folks to get away, to come here, to Bainbridge Island.

So I did…with the invitation above, plus directions, my phone number, places to eat and/or write, using my apartment as a base to come and go from…fully aware of the possibility that it might be a no-show event. Which meant – gulp – I needed to be here writing all day with Me, Myself & I, just in case.

That’s what happened. And it was glorious! So many pages written. Here’s what I did (see photo below). #1 – My trusty egg timer ruled the day. #2 – I drew one Inquiry Card , created by Sylvia Nibley, and wrote for 15 minutes answering the question for myself. Then I drew a second card and wrote for 15 minutes as my novel’s protagonist. #3 – Flipping open to anywhere in Julia Cameron‘s The Right to Write collection of essays, I set the timer for 30 minutes and wrote from the “Initiation Tool” at the end of the essay as myself. Then I set the timer for 30 minutes and wrote in the voice of another character from the novel. I took stretch breaks – had snacks (chocolate, of course) and plenty of water – took a 30-minute lunch break – and basically repeated the pattern the rest of the day. About 3:00 I started falling asleep so I stopped at 3:30 and read aloud to Me, Myself & I what I’d written.writeawaytools-pierrmorgan-wordpress

Now, committed to these next two Saturdays (and much preferring my group of One), I thought it would be fun to make it A VIRTUAL experience, opening it up to anyone on the planet. I’d love to have you join me – virtually, that is. Wherever you live or roam, grab a pen or keyboard and…Write Away!  (Sat Jan 14, 10:30 am-4:30 pm Pacific time)

xo Pierr – P.S. Let me know in the comments how your day went, and if you actually travel.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient

January 2, 2017 § 4 Comments

Resilient Heart. Resting.

wpc-resilient-pierrmorgan2 xo Pierr

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

December 23, 2016 § 6 Comments


Celebrate your unique personal path! xo – Pierr

Weekly Photo Challenge: Anticipation

December 17, 2016 § 8 Comments


When my son was a little guy each Christmas I made him a surprise ball – a collection of smallish gifties wrapped in strips of colored crepe paper that take some time to open. His dad and I had divorced and Aaron lived with him in California, New Jersey, then New York City. The surprise ball was a way for me to be there with him in spirit, sensing his anticipation. Now he’s got a little guy of his own and keeping with tradition, I – Nana Pierr – made one for Devin last year… wpc-anticipation-pierrmorgan4

The dime store used to sell surprise balls for a quarter or 50 cents. They were small, about three inches in diameter, usually filled with two or three doll house miniatures made of plastic or tin. My sister and I decided to make our own with more elaborate prizes. In those days crepe paper came packaged in flat rolled sheets. We cut strips as skinny or wide as we liked. Crepe paper these days comes rolled, is pretty much one width and isn’t as tough. Stretched too taught results in a rip. You’re wise to have tape handy.


My anticipation in making a surprise ball is wondering what final shape all the presents are going to make once bound together. It takes at least a couple hours so I think about the recipient and what they like while I’m wrapping. I have a pile of newspaper and recycled paper I can wad up into shapes to cover corners of a box or pad an area more in the direction of my vision. Stickers are easy to slip in now and then, and fun to discover.


D’s gifts wanted to be rectangular all along, and since he’s totally into musical instruments…


Ta-da! I don’t remember what the presents were, but I do remember he got tired unraveling and had his dad – the pro – finish up.


Wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday of anticipation.  xo Pierr

Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

December 10, 2016 § 6 Comments


New Horizon.  Have a peaceful week. xo Pierr

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

December 2, 2016 § 4 Comments


See others relax on The Daily Post… xo Pierr