Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

July 17, 2016 § 6 Comments


For more details…  Aloha! xo – Pierr

Happy Birthday!

July 4, 2016 § 1 Comment


Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

June 17, 2016 § 9 Comments

WPC-curve-pierrmorgan-chicagoBean       My favorite sculpture ever, nicknamed The Bean, is in Chicago – “Cloud Gate” by sculptor Anish Kapoor.

And more curves happening here at the drawing table. 8 illustrations to go for this children’s book…WPC-curve-pierrmorgan-CG-sunflower      See more and more of the curve.     xo Pierr


Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

June 11, 2016 § 10 Comments


“Peace is the mental and physical frequency where you’ll find all your real power.”     – Martha Beck

Pure  – xo Pierr

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

May 28, 2016 § 10 Comments


Found a writing prompt in this pile of spare change: What was [your] life like in 1978? (oldest penny in the photo…dark one, lower right, green cloud over Lincoln’s brow)

Here’s to your memories. Bless them, every one.  xo -Pierr


Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

May 21, 2016 § 4 Comments

She twinkled pink next to older girls at a Chinese New Year celebration. Clearly the owner of her own universe she filled the dim hallway with darts and sparks and twirls and leaps ~ then, oh!! Jubilant ~ A shooting star.


Bask in Jubilant moments around the world. – xo Pierr

Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

May 17, 2016 § 10 Comments


Hi-ho! Busy painting art for a children’s book in a technique that involves covering gouache (“goo-wash” an opaque watercolor) with a layer of waterproof ink. I learned “Ink-Resist” from its dubber and master developer, the late Dwight Harmon ~ artist & optimist extraordinaire ~ over thirty years ago. Since then I’ve painted a couple hundred paintings and illustrated over 350 book pages in this technique, so you’d think by now I’d know what a piece will look like after its rinse cycle at the kitchen sink…


I’m always surprised. Usually happily, though faces can be tricky.

Especially when they’re tiny. The gouache needs to be opaque enough to resist the layer of ink. The pressure of the water begins to dissolve the gouache, which runs down the drain pushing the ink off in flecks, leaving a colored stain. The ink sticks in places where the paper (I use 140 lb cold press watercolor block taped around its edges) was left blank (see photo 1), for a black line, or where the gouache was applied too transparently. This I forget if it’s been a while in between paintings. Especially eyes…


Three of the five kids featured in the book are on this cover piece. They wear the same clothes throughout the pages for easy follow, but I’m taking extra care painting over ink bloops so readers will recognize them by their faces, too. I know them really well. Been with me at my drawing table for a year. Their faces light up when they see me coming. Mostly we play Follow The Leader. And ~ you guessed it ~ The Leader…is me!

xo – Pierr


Click here to see the Face around the world.


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