Freehand Friday: Cover Art

July 12, 2019 § 2 Comments

The cover for a children’s book is often the last piece of art to illustrate, but the first one shown around by the marketing folks, to sell the book before it’s actually released in stores. I sketch three or four ideas to expand on one with more sketches. These are only 3×4 inches.GardenCover-pierrmorganI showed these to lots of kids for their favorite. Hands down was the first one, the kid in the wheel barrow. To them it promised a book full of fun. The girl with the rake was my favorite element, so I used her to round out the composition.  I like to draw on tracing paper to trace my own drawings and cut and tape them like puppets or paper dolls, figuring out where I want arms and legs to bend, or using the best head from another drawing. I’m really making puzzle pieces.GardenCover5-pierrmorganI move them around until they fit together nicely within the set cover dimensions…GardenCover2-pierrmorgan…adding more elements with suggestions from the art director and managing editor at the publishing house. I was so focused on the kids, thinking they should be the most prominent part of the cover, that I’d forgotten all about their garden – which they grow themselves in the book.GardenCover3-pierrmorganEventually I switched my brain on to a “LUSH” garden. Then took time to decide which plants to feature. The titling text was only a place holder I made for the real thing, which was being designed in-house. I had no idea of the title’s size or style being planned. GardenCover6-pierrmorganAnd they didn’t know for sure until my final art came in. Yay RED!GardenCover8-pierrmorgan

Check it out! The Children’s Garden: Growing Food in the City, by Carole Lexa Schaefer , published Spring 2017 by Little Bigfoot, the children’s division of Sasquatch Books in Seattle. Ask for it at your public library or favorite Indie bookstore. You can see covers of the 22 other books I’ve illustrated on my website by clicking “Gallery” : Thanks so much for reading! and clicking! on the teensy bold italics ~ Have a lush week ~ xo PierrGardenCover7-pierrmorgan



Pond Wednesday: Surprises

June 26, 2019 § 4 Comments

First, the shiny brand new sign…DuckXing-pierrmorgan…then the ducklings already grown into teens…YoungMallards-pierrmorganYoungMallard-pierrmorgan…and last but not least – a bullfrog (you have to trust me though he’s a blur). Bullfrog-pierrmorganHere’s to a week of surprises! ~ xo Pierr

Freehand Friday: Solstice

June 21, 2019 § 2 Comments

tRex-pierrmorgan 2

Try something new. ~ xo Pierr

Freehand Friday: Test Drive

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Take your paints out for a drive. See what they can do. ~ xo Pierr

Pond Wednesday: New

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Freehand Friday: No Peeking!

June 7, 2019 § 2 Comments

A fun activity  – draw a friend sitting across from you without looking at your paper or taking your pen off the page. Trace them with your eyes in one continuous line. FreehandSpark1-pierrmorgan

The look is very Picasso. What I like the best is the boldness of the line, its deliberateness. No apologies or hesitation. Pure guts.

FreehandSpark2-pierrmorganHere’s lookin’ at you, R! Draw on!!FreehandSpark3-pierrmorganColors made with black and red Tombow brush pens, fluorescent pink marker, and 8- watercolor paint box.

Spark your week! xo – Pierr

Freehand Friday: Outside & In

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Bike-pierrmorgan 2stripeMan-pierrmorgan 2toddler-pierrmorgan