Pond Wednesday

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Sweet Treats

August 4, 2018 § 7 Comments

I may be rushing summer a bit with these archival photos, but I’m thinking it’s blackberry picking season about now. Grasses and sweet peas popping open, Goldfinches flashing among them, and memories of my blue ladder wedged in the steep hillside…SweetTreats1-pierrmorganSweetTreats2-pierrmorganSweetTreats3-pierrmorganSweetTreats4-pierrmorgan

Mm-mm! Have a sweet week ~ xo Pierr

Hidden Picture

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Can you find the duck?HiddenPicture-pierrmorgan


Beauty of Distraction

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Puzzle2-pierrmorganIt’s been years since I worked a jigsaw puzzle. Every summer my sister and I would sit with a bowl of grapes (or m&m’s) and 1,000-piece puzzle and two rules: edge pieces linked first before any reward; then one grape (or m&m) per interior piece fit. We especially liked the challenge of a Big Ben puzzle farm scene; red barn in the distance with dark and darker furrowed earth coming toward us. Every piece had two or three straight sides. To my seven-year-old-self, it seemed we worked that puzzle for years. I loved every minute.Puzzle

One of my favorite sites on Etsy is GENINNE’SWhen I learned that her painting “Narangas” had been made into a jigsaw puzzle I had to have it: GALISONYou see I’ve made good progress since its arrival a couple days ago…even without grapes (or m&m’s). These days the satisfaction of a piece well fit is its own reward.

Have a beautiful week! xo Pierr


Sitting Pretty

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3 More Plein Air Post Cards

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Archival photos from Halls Hill Lookout – Bainbridge Island, WA, 2013


My favorite part is taking off the tape!PleinAir-pierrmorgan5PleinAir-pierrmorgan6


Happy Birthday to US

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