Weekly Photo Challenge: Up Close

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"Fork-tailed Bush Katydid" a long antennaed grasshopper that lives in woodsy North America - in my apartment!

“Fork-tailed Bush Katydid” a long antennaed grasshopper that lives in woodsy North America – in my apartment! Good thing I discovered it before things heated up. It moved out to the ravine.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Half & Half

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Two chairs, two voices, sharing half ‘n’ half of a whole conversation. Half grounded, half in the treetops.  Have a wonderful week.  xo – Pierr


Novel Update: Week 58 – Starting Over

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So, now what?

entire novel storyboarded

entire novel storyboarded

Finished storyboarding the novel and have physically taken away half of the Post-it notes pictured here, because they are repeat scenes, or dull (don’t move the story forward), or now irrelevant given the radical changes that need to happen which I realized from the recent workshop experience.

A few weeks ago I was rarin’ to get to this point – the chopping and cutting to type up and read what was left. But now that I’m here the thrill is gone. The point of the novel is gone.

For a couple days I was pretty bummed about this. I tried to get back into a new draft in spite of my lack-luster feelings. “Just slow down,” I told myself. “One sentence at a time, no leaps or bounds, keep the reader right next to you from the beginning.” But how should it begin now?

Don’t know. It’s a new story. One I haven’t had on my mind for the last five, six, seven years. And this brings me to the point of my old story. I wrote the novel I set out to write. I did it. It had all the elements I’d wanted and raised all the conflicts I hoped for and in the end, all the loose ends got tied up into a satisfying ending…for me…and a few reader friends. Now I know what it takes, what my own process is.

TIP: “What we intend has a very high probability of actually occurring.” – Martha Beck

Have a great week.   xo – Pierr

Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

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Heart 1

Weekly Photo Challenge: ROY G. BIV

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a circumzenithal arc created from refraction of sunlight through ice crystals in cirrus clouds

circumzenithal arc created from refraction of sunlight through ice crystals in cirrus clouds

Red – Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Indigo – Violet. Everywhere. Everyday – World Refugee Day: Mercy Corps …Thank you for stopping a moment to notice the treasure.

xo Pierr

Imagine – Solo Show at BIMA!

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Save the date: JUNE 27, 2015 – BIMA – Bainbridge Island Museum of Art!! Scroll a bit to “Summer Exhibition” after clicking BIMA – this is the page to watch in the next couple weeks as original artwork from my children’s book illustrations and childhood imaginings go up on the walls of this fabulous new museum just two blocks from the ferry landing on Bainbridge Island, WA. Better still, travel on over and see for yourself! Admission is always FREE!

representing 40 years of my 63

27 titles representing 40 years of my 63 as a children’s book illustrator  (click: enlarge)

I’m very grateful for the words by these stellar authors.  Here they are, most with links to what they’re up to now.

* Nellie Edge  –Kids In The Kitchen  *  Rich Latta  -Mother Goose Puzzles 1 & 2  *  Geoffrey T. Williams  -Treasures of the Barrier Reef; Adventures Beyond the Solar System  *  Marilyn Hollinshead  -The Nine Days Wonder  *  Margaret Greger  -More Simple Kites  *  Janine Scott  -When Critters Get the Jitters  *  Brandt Morgan  -Enjoying Seattle’s Parks  *  Gus Cazzola  -The Bells of Santa Lucia  *  Carole Lexa Schaefer -The Squiggle + 10   *  Christine Widman  -Cornfield Hide-And-Seek  *  Nancy Luenn  -The Miser On the Mountain: A Nisqually Legend of Mount Rainier  *

BIMA’s Summer Exhibition officially opens to the public Saturday, June 27. You can visit with me at “Meet the Artist” from 2 – 5 pm that day. My show is up through Sunday, September 20.

July 18 is “Family Art Day” with FREE activities outside, on the grounds of BIMA and KiDiMu, the Kids’ Discovery Museum. Author Carole Lexa Schaefer and I will be signing books at 10:30. Then from 1:00 – 3:30, I’ll present four, 30-minute sessions of my “Doodle With Pierr” workshop for ALL AGES.

There are zillions of little details that go into putting a show together.  Fortunately I’ve been encouraged to relinquish worry and control over most of them. Even the final draft of my bio. But I still had to write one for the director to work with. It took me three days. The second day I couldn’t stand being generic and brief anymore and did My Whole Life in that How-long-can-you-sustain-the-reader’s-yawn? style. I’m glad I did though. The things that are true and most important stand out. Plus I have a new (not-final-draft) bio and photo on the ABOUT PIERR page of my website because of it.

TIP: Gotta write a Bio? Click: Scott James for his brilliant “How to Write a Bio that Doesn’t Suck!”   – xo Pierr



Novel Update – Week 53: Storyboarding

May 31, 2015 § 6 Comments

It’s been a whole year! And it’s back to the drawing board. A storyboard, that is. I’ve made these for picture book manuscripts but never for a whole novel. Picture books are under 500 words. My novel is 52,000. The workshop was amazing. I now have a license to operate the really big excavators that remove huge boulders blocking a story’s essence. We’re talking my title, the title character throughout, 3 story strands, 1 supporting character, 210 vocab words… Office supplies rule!


My next task – before beginning Draft #6 – is to draw the action of every scene in every chapter, Pictionary style (stick-quick), on huge paper(s) to see the whole story at once. Drawn on post-its makes it easy to take out scenes that repeat or bore or to rearrange them for sequencing flow.

I have 55 chapters. This is going to take me some time…and willpower, cuz all I reallly want to do is start right NOW slashing and cutting and tossing the dead stuff. Thing is, I’m not 100% sure where it is.

TIP: Go slow enough to save the growing green things.

xo Pierr


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