National Novel Writing Month

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HERE WE GO!!! 50K . Good luck ALL – xo Pierr

Novel – On the Road Again – Week 22

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LightbyPierrMorgan      I have a plan! The light is bright enough to see the path at my feet but a bit too bright to see too far ahead, which is good. Ducks swim, writers write.

What I forget is how easily influenced I am by others’ advice, opinions and tastes. I did ask for it – I’m not complaining. Just saying I got stuck in that parking lot last week with my “what if” fears. I can’t be hacking and rearranging so EVERYone will read it and relate to it. That’s impossible. I have to write this novel the clearest way I know how to write it. In my own style. My #1 goal all along has been “to finish.” I’m the only one who can achieve this goal.

I took out one of the characters. She was hard to release. Took me a couple days. I’d take her out, then put her in. This was suggested by three different people way back in May but I couldn’t see it. I thought things would fall apart. Now I see how the few things she said and did can easily be transferred to a couple other characters and actually fill them out more, give them more presence and purpose. More spunk.

I’m combing 50-page sections now, one a week, which will take me to the end of November. Then I’ll put the manuscript in a drawer – no peek for a week – while I compose a brilliant cover letter and whatever necessary to send to an agent on my list. Then I’ll reread the novel, and finally, week 8, off it goes!

TIP: Emma Coats, Pixar storyboard artist on Twitter, has this advice: The 22 Rules of Storytelling, According to Pixar

xo Pierr

Novel Dream – Week 21

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It’s broad daylight. I’m driving out of the parking lot behind another car that comes to the forked exit for a left or right turn. They stop. I’m thinking they’re not sure which way to go. I give them a little time and space. I’m mellow. A nice person. Not in a hurry. Then, since there’s plenty of room and I know where I want to go, I steer around the car to go right. Suddenly there’s a thud on my windshield. I’ve stopped, stone still in the parking lot somehow. Can’t see a thing. Like bricks on the windshield. For sure something Pauline’s wipers won’t clear. I panic, look out the back window.


That other car followed me, its occupants outside now standing behind my car. My driver door window – same thing – but the figure’s so huge I can only see its chest, either a black bear or a human wearing a black fleece jacket.

TIP: WAKE UP!!! Get the pen the keyboard whatever this second GO WRITE!!!!!!

Novel Inspiration – Week 20

October 14, 2014 § 2 Comments

TIP: Enter the present.

NovelInspiration1PierrMorganNovelInspiration2PierrMorganNovelInspiration3PierrMorganNovelInspiration4PierrMorganNovelInspiration5PierrMorgan NovelInspiration6PierrMorganNovelInspiration7PierrMorganNovelInspiration8PierrMorgan


Novel Mulling – Week 19

October 7, 2014 § 2 Comments

TIP: After falling on head think about what went wrong


Plot your next move. Take your time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was/is your novel. So far it’s taken around 1,825 of them. So another 365 or 730 shouldn’t be too bad, assuming you stick to the plan now. No flying off to greener trees or debilitating beauty envy of the one next door.


Yours isn’t even the same species. Look all you want, that’s okay. Wish all you want. Just make sure you know the difference between wanting and wishing and doing. Color may dazzle but it can be blinding. Especially if you go back in there without the plan.



Novel Math Problems – Week 18

September 30, 2014 § 2 Comments


Turns out I have no plot. I swear there’s one in here somewhere. Actually I have four but I’ve given them all equal weight in the first fifty pages so the reader doesn’t know where to focus. Like living in my character’s closet, stuff keeps getting thrown in, piling up on the reader till they’re massively confused…oxygen deprived. Easy: choose one plot, go with it, cut the rest.


But it’s not easy. I tried it last night and became overwhelmed with the weaving I’ve done. We’re not talking simple subtraction here. Writing a middle-grade (pre-teen, teen) or YA (young adult) novel is way more serious than basic math, even algebra…which I dropped out of in high school and, ironically, was allowed to make up for in college with writing and literature courses.


Time to face the light and learn calculus. Check these out: Sandra Chmara * namelos * Cheryl B. Klein

TIP: Believe in yourself – and trust the experts.   xo Pierr




Novel Home Stretch – Week 17

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TIP: Remember what made you begin the journey.    xo Pierr


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